Dec 22


It's fascinating and sometimes unnerving
how my uncounscious mind
draws thoughts from the outskirts of my brain
and then plays them
like a movie in which I'm always the lead
as real as reality itself.
Things I didn't even know I was thinking about
or could imagine will come to life
directing me through the shifting plot
of an unpredictable film
in an alternate universe
all within my head.

Dec 21



Dec 21

Christmas-themed Pajamas

Dec 20
poem 4 comments challenge: Elements

How I would explain people without being scientific

the mind is a bouquet of flowers
thoughts woven together like stems
ideas blooming in an abundance of colors.

eyes a clump of the richest soil
brightest grass
shimmering waters
or a mix of the three
where emotions thrive
and shine through
for all to see

a smile is a warm beam of light
exchanged from one person to another
lighting up our faces
encouraging the
and alabaster branches
within us to strengthen
and the scarlet water
to course through us with
renewed energy.

each of us are a unique combination
of the elements
mingling together
thriving in our own way
just as a mountain is comprised
and transformed
by the different elements
to form a beautiful view

Dec 19

Grace & Bass

Dec 15


Driving under the influence of technology
is the same as driving while intoxicated.

When people take their devices into their hands,
they are not taking into account their safety,
or the safety of others.
Or even worse
they realize the potential consequences
of their decision
but they chose to disregard it
not the mention
the law of Vermont.

They decided that
their texting,
their selfie
their whatever
was more important.
Their priorities are impaired in that moment.
They are not simply distracted drivers
They are under the influence of technology.

They. are. Intoxicated.

Dec 14


I walked nervously into the room
surprised at its size
and the number of people.
As I looked out over the tables
my first thoughts:
Where will I sit?

I took a deep breath
telling myself
not to look too overwhelmed.
reminding myself we all
have a common interest:

Then I saw you
and you smiled
kindly and sincerely
green eyes sparkling.
I smiled back
I didn't know you
but somehow I knew
that I should sit next to you.
I was relieved and happy
and also searching my
brain for a way to start
a conversation.

We are both shy
and were very nervous
but we got to talking
and we discovered
we both love to ski
and we live near
one another.

I am grateful
that we both
happened to be there
and that you smiled back
because now
we are friends.
Dec 12

Lost Glasses

Few things are more frustrating than trying to find
my glasses when without them I'm blind!

I'll feel like I've searched every possible place,
All my steps I will have retraced 
everything is a blur and my head starts to ache,
and then I'll find them right there, in front of my face!

Dec 12

Unbreakable Bond

It's like there is a cord that connects them
there are times when the cord lays
slack; relaxed
Other times their tether is
tension reverberating
sending a hum
through the air;
singing of the past,
& future.
Of frustration
but with an
undercurrent of 
that sets their heartstrings
in motion once again,
keeping them from
letting go completely. 
Their bond
is unbreakable.
Hearts and minds 
woven together
into one
and thoughts,
as it is

Nov 28
poem 4 comments challenge: Fear


bugs don't just bug me
they can scare me half to death,
I can handle heights, small spaces & even the dark
but insects are my weakness.

there have been times when
I've been perfectly calm and still,
but an insect crept my way
and I ran madly for the hills.

the thought of them makes my skin crawl
writing this poem took bravery
if looks could kill, just a glimpse of some bugs
would do me in, I can guarantee.

Flies, bees, grasshoppers, ladybugs...
if you really want to frighten me,
forget gruesome horror films
show me an insect documentary!