Nov 23


Nov 06


Penne piled with pesto and parmesan, yes please!
Alfredo sauce on fettuccini is my food affinity
Spaghetti and meatballs hold a special place in my... stomach
Tender tortellini tantalizes my taste buds
Angel hair with olive oil, a gift from above.

Nov 06

(Almost) Larger Than Life

I wrote this in one of the work shops at the conference, it's a work in progress and I would appreciate any suggestions!

She was just over an average height and rather slender but somehow she was larger than life. As she paced across the room, her long black skirt trailed behind her, creating the mesmerizing illusion she was floating on a stormy cloud. I wondered why her steps made no sound and it was because she had taken her heels off and placed them on one of the uncomfortable chairs. The room was brimming with people, however, she seemed genuinely unaware of their presence and the impact her presence had on them. A top her head sprawled a pile of golden hair and she was missing one of her delicate earrings. When she finally looked up, I was struck by how her fair complexion contrasted with her large, dark green eyes. When I looked into those eyes, I saw a high way of speeding thoughts and emotions with one emotion prevailing; intense fear.

Nov 02
poem 9 comments challenge: I Wonder


I wonder if you still think of me,
or am I fading from your memory?

Do you ever recall that piece of time we shared?
or do you pretend it was never there?

Because I think of you often, too often in fact
my recollections of you are all still intact.

Am I wrong for wanting to know you once more?
I wish that you could tell me for sure...

But we are miles a part and here I lay,
trying to keep my thoughts of you at bay.
Nov 02

my jack o' lantern

Oct 26


Oct 21

Reading Revolution

When I look around a library, I no longer see people delighting in all the written wonders.
Instead I find myself asking if it's the books that bring them there,
or do they flock there for the free wifi?
Instead of checking out a book they turn to Facebook.
Instead of feeding their brains they scroll through their Instagram feed.
Read a book? In this generation? What a novel idea!
Tell me, where have their priorities gone?
What about their curiosity?
Do they not wonder what knowledge awaits on the shelves?
I'm not saying all technology is terrible, it serves a purpose.
In fact, technology in moderation can be a good thing.
But we are not it's slaves and it is not our purpose.

I wish I could yell, "Readers unite!" and we'd all come together
to start a Reading Revolution or something
because I think we can all agree that seeing a book instead of a phone
Oct 20

Amber Sequins

Challenge: Use the five senses to describe something without using the actual word or using words like taste, smell, hear, see & touch. Comment if you know what it is ~.~
Its gentle crackling soothes my ears as I gaze
  at the semi-circle of faces it illuminates.
    Its limbs stretch sporadically towards the sky,
        joyously releasing handfuls of amber sequins.
           My eyes absorb its curious glory
              and I relax with its comforting aura.
                 Its scent meanders on the breeze;
                     a warning to some and a comfort to others.
                       I open my mouth to yawn,
                        and drink a mouthful of dense, smoky air.....

Sep 09
poem 8 comments challenge: General


          As a creative kid growing up in a world ensnared by the World Wide Web, I was struggling not only against the pressure of fitting in but the current of conformity created by technology. I found myself succumbing to these forces, however, I managed to escape. This poem descibes how I found freedom by tuning out the trivial and embracing the people and things in my life that truly matter.

The word "ignore" has such a negative connotation,
it is only thought of in relation,
to be unwanted, an enraging frustration.
When really ignoring can provide a delightful vacation,
from the people who live off of three shallow sensations;
and constant flirtation.
How can we trust when throughout this "great nation",
lies are excepted without confirmation,
no one is seen without speculation,
no one can be famous without exploitation?
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