Aug 01


Jun 28

Riddle Me This

This story is a response to a poem by Sierra Henderson called The Answer is Not War. I wanted to offer an answer to her riddle: "I solve all wars, I end all wars, and bring the worthy glory, what am I?"

A fifth grade teacher turned away from the chalk board, revealing the topic for their class discussion, she read aloud:
"I solve all wars, I end all wars, and bring the worthy glory, what am I?"
Quizzical looks passed back and forth between the students.
A red-headed girl sitting in the back was the first to raise her hand and guess.
"Thank you for being the first Allison, but that's not quite it."
A shy boy with large ears was the next to try, "Equality?"
"That is a very thoughtful answer, but it's not the one."
"Love!" a girl with blond pig-tails called out.
Jun 21


This isn't a pretty princess story,
and it's not a Grimm Tale which tend to be gory.

Her fate was determined before she was born,
her Mom and Dad were starving and torn
so her Dad tresspassed to gather some corn.

When the Dad was caught stealing from a sorcerer's garden,
he wouldn't settle for a "Sorry" or an "I beg your pardon."

(Now, this couple only took to country music,
whenever they heard rap they though they would loose it.)

The sorcerer decided on a punishment which could not be reversed:
their first child would be born with a horrible curse,
she would rap when she talked
slang in every verse.

Rap~Punzel's first words were, "Sup ma hommies?
Dis a toats cool crib. Ya better respect ma rhymes
or I'll ruin dis bib.
Wiki! Wiki! Word!"
The parents thought this was just too absurd.
Jun 21

An Ode to Mother Nature

We've all heard our mothers say:
"Go outside, it's a beautiful day!"
Have you ever stopped to wonder why
our mothers can't stand it when we stay inside?
Well, nature is a mother too,
and she has always looked after you,
and mothers know this deep within,
so they trust her with their kin.
After all,
Mother Nature has given us all we need
billions of us she's had to feed.
But I bet she didn't expect
to be treated with such disrespect.

Would you treat your Mother the same way
that you treat Mother Nature everyday?

Jun 20


Quick as lightening, still as stone.
Pussy willow paws pad silently on any surface,
no hesitation, every movement serves a purpose.
No matter where they be, it is their throne.

Eyes as sharp as diamonds, piercing through the cloak of night.
Their ears detect the faintest whispers
our secrets tangle in their whiskers,
they have 9 lives to do it right.

Watching a cat scamper up a tree
as if it were common ground for their clawed feet,
makes me wonder how effortlessly
they defy a law as certain as gravity....
Maybe it is we humans who stubbornly try to cheat
instead of mastering all of our strengths to serve us constantly.

(This is an Italian Sonnet)