May 05

And her.

I loved you.
You said you loved me too.
You were my frist and last thought of everyday,
and I was yours.

There was no one else
just you
and just me

I was ready to drop everything for you
you always put me first.
Ive cried in your arms and 
you told me you'd always be there.

You were my world and i thought i was yours
but all of that changed
when I got a text
from her..

you were my one and only
but i was only one of yours
you told me you wanted a life with me
but you said the same to her.

You left without a word 
but you left your memories behind,
putting the term "love" in a perspective of
lies, hurt, and betrayal.

I loved you.
You loved her.
you were my first and last thought everyday
i was nothing to you

there was no one else 
just you
and me

Jan 08


This voice in my head,
it is my best friend
In my head
in my dreams, 
right in front of me,
taunting me
and killing me. 

You broke me
I made you.
You hurt me
You hurt yourself. 
I hate you
You love me.
I love you...

I have to get help
You wont tell anyone.
I have to tell someone
I'll kill you.
Please dont
I will.
I told someone...

Im sorry
i told you
im so sorry
I'll kill you
im still here...

I want you gone
no you dont
Yes i do!
are you sure?
youre not
Im not...

Why cant i hear you??
Please come back!
I need you...

it was so quiet
Nov 24

T i r e d

I am Tired.
Not sleep-deprived tired,
Not feeling weak tired,
Not boredom-based tired,
But a pen tired of writing the same words.
Tired, of worry.
Tired, of drama.
Tired, of pain.
And Tired, of feeling lost.

This is a poem I made from a promt my english teacher gave me recenly and I decied to post it here too. :)
May 29


May 26

I wonder...

I wonder...
Do you know i'm here?
Do you see im trying to help,
Do you know I can see
The pain in your eyes?
That I hear your cries. 
That when you're hurting I hurt to?
I know i'm not the best at showing it,
But I know,
I know you're not okay.
And that's okay.

With love, to a special friend of mine.

May 20

The old witch

    Deep down in the forest, lived an old witch, or so they say. She is known for the disappearance of the children from the village. The last child that was taken, was a girl, 11, with brown hair. This was a year ago, but the village is still waiting for the next child to turn up missing. Ever since the girl was taken, no child was allowed near the woods. Numerous times, men have went into the forest to search for the children, and yet all came back empty handed. Some believe they haven't found her because all the men are too scared to go near the old witch's cottage. But me, I think it's because they're not looking in the right spot. You see, what I am thinking is, if the witch is going to take a child, while the whole village knows who she is and where to find her, why would she hide her where anyone can get to her? The witch would hide her some place different, away from the woods, where no one knows to look, maybe even in plain sight...
May 14

But you're going to care eventually

We met
We became friends
We hung out
We talked
We became best friends
We told each other everything 
We helped each other
We did everything together.

I wasn't thinking
You thought to much
I kept talking
You stopped talking
I kept hanging out
You used me
I kept telling you everything
You blocked me out
I kept trusting you
You never trusted me
I kept coming back
You kept pushing me out
I wasn't thinking.

I knew to stop
I knew to leave
I knew to not trust you
I knew to stop talking
I knew to stop hanging out
I knew to stop.

But I stayed,
But you left
I kept trying
You stopped trying
I kept believing 
You stopped caring
I kept pushing 
You kept pushing me out
I kept putting up with you
Feb 17

In her eyes

Dec 25

To look, To see, To find.

Nov 14

Donald trump

Donald Trump, someone that is known across the country, is now our president. We can protest, we can riot, but what does it do? What does protesting really do... can you tell me? We can't do anything alone to throw him out of power, so protesting is just uncalled for. I know, I know, its not like everyone out there is protesting, but we just need to give him a chance. A president is someone who looks out for our country, someone thats going to stand with us no matter what. No one knows what he is going to do until he does it, so don't assume he's going to do somthing from a rumor you heard or what the media says. Actions speak louder words. Maybe he will be a good president and maybe he wont, no one knows. But one thing is for sure, he's our president, and he will be for four years. Whether you voted for him or not, we just need to give him a chance to prove himself worthly of leading our country.