Jan 24
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Sugar Maple

Sugar maple

Ow sugar maple standing up 

As straight as a pole 

You give me sap so

I can make maple syrup

Homemade and boiled

Over a fire with the smell of maple syrup

That day

Sugar maple

Mar 08
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If I Could Be Anywhere

If I could be anywhere right now, I wouldn't be in this cold, dark classroom, trying to keep writing so all my writing won't disappear. This sucks. I am the complete essence of misery. I do not care for this at all. If I had my way, I would be at home in my bed, With blankets a dog, some cats...  Maybe, Ohh! hot cocoa, marshmallows, Netflix, youtube, a good book, can't forget the chocolate pudding, store-bought popcorn, a pair of fuzzy slippers, some warm socks, yeah, That's the life. Ohh cake, and cupcakes. 

then, after a day of that, I would go on a cruise to the Caribbean, and just float in the warm water all day, sipping milk out of a coconut, just floating. That would be amazing. I don't want to be here, I want to be there.
Nov 10
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Why do you laugh,
When I feel such anger?
Why can’t I have this one thing,
When you have all the rest?
Why do I stay,
If this doesn’t feel right?
Why is the world like this,
If we are all created equal?
This does not feel right.

It’s hard to stay gold
When you’re growing old.
And I’m gaining so much wisdom 
I can’t bear to hold.

Why do I try so hard, 
Day in and day out;
When all you do is sit and pout?
I feel so stuck,
In a huge roundabout.
When will I get off 
This road full of doubt?
~Lillian Sorrell, age: 13
Sep 27
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Neuroscientist Schedule

Neuroscientist Schedule
By: Sophie Martel
    When I was younger I believed I could become a neurosurgeon, I thought, that sounds cool, that’s my goal in life.

Years later, I found out that to become a neurosurgeon I would have to cut into people's brains and do surgery and I knew that wouldn’t go over well with my gut, so I decided to keep the neuro and change to something a little more suitable for me.

When I came upon neuroscientists and their study of the brain without slicing and dicing.
    When I found this, I began to picture myself doing this, then I thought of dogs, what if I could study their brains?
    Then a few days later, during my social studies class the weirdest coincidences happened, we were watching CNN10 and one of the parts was about a neuroscientist working on dogs brains and training them to go into an MRI scanner.
    That’s when it hit me, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!
Sep 27
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Clearing. It’s a clearing! My eyes watered from the salty sweat that was dripping down my face. I was so hot and tired. I held the large palm leaf above my head, slightly protecting myself from the sun. I looked around and saw that the clearing was mostly sand, apart from a few palm trees none of which large enough to bear a coconut. I stumbled over to one of the larger trees and plopped down. The air was hot and muggy, it just made me feel heavier. I figured that if I made a shelter, it might be better for me in the long run. I tried to lay down to take a nap but the hot sand made that very hard. I took a few palm leaves from the tree and set them under me. I lay my head down, it felt like I was sinking into the ground. I closed my eyes and drifted into the large realm of relaxation.
Mar 17
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Our Ash Tree

Our Ash Tree

By: Greta L.
Playing outside was something my family did a lot. Whether it was hide and go seek, tag,  walking in our woods, playing on our swings, or climbing a trees, we were always out there.  Climbing trees was always special though, especially because we had a main “climbing tree,” which was an ash tree. This was convenient because our play structure had that tree towering over it, making it feel like a playground. Something fun and had adventure.

Soon the Emerald ash borer came to Vermont, eating away at the all ash trees, including ours. I then suddenly heard the talk about the ash tree in our yard maybe needing to be cut down because of the Emerald Ash Borers, and possibly other numerous ash trees as well. Our climbing and play structure tree was something that was constantly growing in our yard, so having it not in our yard would feel so different.
Mar 17
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Dec 09
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You know, sometimes I wonder how trees got to be able to walk and talk to each other. My mother and father were always talking to me about a world in which it was peaceful and there wasn't war between humans and trees. I think that that world is a world that I would love to live in. Humans want to kill us because we have lots of things that they need like, paper, wood etc. But if the humans kill all of us off Mom tells me that they won't have any fresh air to breathe! So I keep thinking to myself, why do they want to kill us? We didn't do anything to them! And when I try to ask a human, they just either run away or try to kill me. I'm so confused but a few weeks ago, I meet a nice human. She's not much bigger than I am and shes super nice. She always is apologizing and telling me that she too wishes that things aren't the way that they are now. I couldn't agree with her more.
Nov 12
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Raven's Wings

Raven’s Wings
By: Lillian Sorrell

The wings of the raven shine in the sun
I see trees all around
I see a little babbling brook sparkling in the sun’s rays
I see a patch of flowers, dainty as a fairy

The wings of  the raven shine in the sun
I hear them defying gravity with every gust of air
I hear all of her feathers dusting the colors in the sky
I hear the spray of a waterfall close by, the noise calming

The raven streaks up, painting sky’s canvas
I smell the distinctly wet dirt
I smell the wind carrying a faint fragrance of wildflowers
I smell the air, so fresh I feel it cleansing me

The raven streaks up, painting the sky’s canvas
I touch the sky’s tears that collect in the moss on the forest floor
It feels thick with humidity surrounding everything, all creatures heavily breathing
It feels empowering running through meadows that feel like cushions
Oct 04
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The Scene was Almost Perfect

The scene was almost perfect in front of me, almost. Other than the water everywhere from the hurricane, and the ruined houses, the sun was shining. Sun, the thing that would dry up all the water, sun, the thing that would everyone needed, sun, the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope was what we needed, the sun was that hope. We had been living in complete misery for the last few days, our clothes had never fully dried, and the darn mosquitoes were eating us alive! That’s not even talking about the damage that was done to the town, our home. Through this whole experience, there was one thing that kept me going, kept me from just stopping, and that was thinking about how there has to be an end. To the dampness, and to the sadness that fell over our town like a thick wet and heavy blanket. If I could have said one thing to our whole town today I would have said that every cloud has a silver lining and that we would get through this.