Mar 01


Taking your mechanical 0.07 led pencil,

Like and earring entering an ear lobe,

You Pierce my heart in class.

Navigating through the pain,

The love I have for others who don’t care,

You grab onto a section still alive and Pierce it again.

My desk positioned flush next to yours,

With me day dreaming about a future by your side,

You latch onto my heart and Pierce it again and again.


Every second,

You continue to Pierce my life with your presence in little ways.
Oct 16

An Open Letter to the Boy I Like

The second I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were going to change my life. Whether I met you for a season or for a lifetime, I will always recognize that it was for a reason.

I'm so incredibly lucky that the universe brought us together… I can't even wrap my head around it. 

You make me want to be the best version of myself. Focusing on the positive is an easy task ever since I've met you. After all, how bad can the world really be, if someone like you exists in it? 

When I'm with you, I feel like anything is possible. My goals feel like they're right within my reach, and my dreams suddenly don't feel so far away. 

Knowing you'll always be here, ready to fight my battles with me, makes life seem so much simpler.

When you came along, it felt like my soul finally woke up from a heavy slumber. It felt every beat of my heart instantly had a purpose that it never did before.   
Sep 25

One Year

One year.

365 days.

8,760 hours.

525,600 minutes. 

3.154e+7 seconds.

A life time I can never regain.

A friendship long passed,

But a person never forgotten.

One funeral

About 1,000,000 tears shed.

10,000 embraces.

5,345 times I said,

“I am okay.”

A person too young to lose.

A soul still with us in our hearts,

And a memory that lives on.

One year.

I never said goodbye.

I try so hard to stay strong.

I make the best of the life given to me without you.

I remember the memories we shared.

A life without you is a challenging one.

A year without you tested my limits,

And I am glad I can say, “I made it through.”
May 23

Prom With You

May 07

All My Writing

Looking over the prompts each week,
I carefully chose one and craft a page full of words that seem to sound fine.
So many of my stories,
And love notes start with a captivating sentence but then end up in my wire trash bin.
Only a select few make it from my college-rulled paper to the internet for everyone to see.
To me,
Some titles,
And sentences are better left unsaid.
But who is to say that things we chose to say are any different than the ones we do not?
In all my writings,
The words I choose to leave unsaid are the words I wish I used to craft a piece of writing that beats out the rest. 

Apr 25

I Love You

"I love you Eli."
Four words I thought were better off unsaid,
And surly better off unheard.
And loss of a close friend were risks I wasn't willing to take.
"Tell someone how you feel before it's too late," my mother would always tell me.
I never took this line serious with him.
When you're young,
You think you're invincible and have all the time in the world.
Truth is;
You don't.
Waiting till the last minute,
Or never saying anything at all is a mistake.
I made that mistake. 
He was at my finger tips,
Right in my reach,
But I lost him sooner then I could have ever imagined. 
I loved him so much that my face would feel like open flames,
And my skin would turn the color of a ripe cherry.
It was beautiful,
But I never told him how he made me feel.
And loss of a close friend are all symptoms I have.
Apr 12

A Body Built for Hugs

That's all I look forward to every single morning.
He may be mostly skin and bones,
But his hugs are beyond compare.
They're perfect.
Whenever he reaches out to me one,
I cherish each step into it.
From the moment we walk towards each other with arms stretched wide,
To when his hands take my shoulders to pull me in close,
And when we fall apart to carry on;
All of it is perfection.
I never get many of them,
But each one feels like it lasts more than it should.
The smell of fabric softener on his cloths,
The way his dirty blond hair is pushed up in the front from him constantly playing with it,
And the way he smiles and laughs all the time makes a bad day perfect again.
His Atlantic eyes dorwn you,
And before you realize it,
You have lost every thought.
He may be a twig, 
And that is surely okay.
All I know is he has a body built for the most perfect hugs.
Apr 10

The Waiting Game

I heard his name mentioned many times in the previous 3 years, but I just looked from a far.  
Everyone knows him as "the boy who was going to become famous."
I know him as "the boy I will be infatuated with for eternity, but can never have."
Every day without failure, I sat on the cold metal bleachers that were imbedded along the left field fence.
From 4:15PM when I got there, till 4:45 I waited for him to appear.
At exactly 5:00PM he was visible from where I sat.
He walked out of the dug out all sluggish from just waking up from his nap just moments before.
His white and gold Nike sneakers were orange from the clay mound he threw exactly 60 pitches off of to warm up.
I admired his gold and black Wilson A2000 pitchers glove more then I looked at his face.
Don't get me wrong, his face was beautiful as well...
But that glove though, I can't even begin to describe it.  
Mar 29

It Isn't Worth It

"I know it's illegal, but it's the weekend!" He whispered into my ear as he smoothly slid his hand across my stomach and placed it on my waist.  I had no sense of what was going on anymore.  My nose burned, and I could feel the blood draining from my body.  He sat there looking more comatosed then ever sitting in the driver's seat of his light blue 1989 Mustang.  I didn't understand why I enjoyed the rush I felt being with him, but I realized it wasn't because he was near me.  With my eyes hazed over, intensely blood shot, and itching at the surface, I placed my hand on the side of his tan face and kissed him as long as I could.  We always played the game of "who can hold their breath the longest while kissing", and he usually won every single time.  He looked just like me; strawberry eyes, blood dripping from his nose in crimson drops onto his leather seats, and skin as white as a ghost.  White powder clung to the front of his striped rugby frat house shirt.
Mar 17

You May Not Think So, But You Did

Dear Austin,
Man, I can't believe you moved away four years ago and have practically forgotten who I am.  I haven't heard from you since the day I watched you walk back into your house just days before you were leaving.  I mean, I only loved you for eleven straight years of my immature childhood; you knew it too.  Remember how I supported you at every single concert, sporting event, and anything else you were in?  Did you notice how I rarely did that for your brothers?  Well, that's because I loved you.  I know, I know, how the heck did I keep this all to myself all these years, is what you're probably thinking.