Sep 16
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Weightlessly Leaving Home

I let my feet sway, the air tickling my toes. The air is warm, for the first time in months. Graduation is in a month. One month and I’m out of here. Thirty days. The bridge is a ten minute drive from my house. My curfew is 11:00. It’s 10:55. I grin. Who knew that trouble was this exciting? I lay down on the bridge, looking up at the stars. The sky is clear. For the first time in weeks, I feel at peace. My phone buzzes in my pocket. My mom, no doubt, questioning my whereabouts. I ignore it. She let my dad go, so I might as well go too. It’s a full moon tonight. My mind is empty. My back is cold, the temperature of the wooden bridge seeping through my sweatshirt. I sit up, listening to the river. I wonder what it would feel like to jump in.