Mar 02
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We shouldn't take anything for granted for,

Cherish every smile,

Every kiss,

every memory,

every smell,

every touch,

every emotion,

every sad day,

every bad day,

every good day,,

We need to cherish everything in every day because we aren't granted tomorrow, we are given it.

Feb 10
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If My Art Piece Was A Representation My Life

If I had an art piece representing my life I wouldn't be in it. I occasionally have moments where I step back from what is happening and take a look at the big picture. If I had to choose a setting for my portrait it would be the craftsbury river my family used to own because it is so beautiful and that's where I have a lot of great memories. Like catching my first fish with my Grandpa and Aunt Wendy. Around the lake would be my old dog Sammie who has passed away, but would be sitting with that smile dogs have when they're happy. My current two dogs Dakota and Mack who would be playing on the side of the river together. My cat Aurora and my old cat Beans would be sitting on a rock off to the edge breathing in the fresh air and loving the smell of the fish. Up the stream would by my family and the people who have impacted me most. My mom, dad, Hunter (my boyfriend), Dayna (my best friend), Grandpa Bootan (R.I.P.), Memé, Papa, Stella (step Grandma), and My great grammy Monica.
Feb 06
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I turn to you when the times get rough,

through thick and thin you were there,

we have rough times.

But to you I come back.
The person who has changed my life,

lightened my world,

opened my eyes,

to how truly beautiful someone can be,

so right for me.

I have loved you through the fights and the crying,

we fight.

But to you I come back.
The one person who gives meaning to life,

you I must seek,

you I must find,

Every waking moment in your view,

from dusk till dawn I think of you.

To you I come back every night, everyday.

But to you I come back.
Feb 06
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2017 has become a great year already coming out with is little phase "catch me outside how 'bout that". Teens such as I and my friends use this to joke with each other. Really exploiting this unreasonably disrespectful child that was on the "Dr.Phil Show". Although this has been by far besides beyoncé pregnancy announcement one of the biggest trending things so far in 2017. It is interesting to see the trends change over the the years. Especially all the ones that were completely cringe worthy as we would say now. It will be most interesting to see what people think about our President Donald J. Trump in a few years. What do you think most interesting to watch change over the years.
Jan 20
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My alter ego would be vastly different than me which I suppose is the point. She would be everything I want to be, but am not. She would be someone who can style their outfits perfectly for any occasion and know exactly what works together. Someone who is very tall and has shoulder length hair that frames her face perfectly. Someone who has the most gorgeous curly hair ever. Someone who can pick one theme in her room and go with it to create the perfect space. Someone who can afford stuff and save money. Someone who doesn't watch the same movie over and over again just to fall asleep. She would definitely have a vintage style that works with everything in her life. She would have an amazing work ethic so that she could understand just 2% of chemistry. Someone who doesn't procrastinate homework till Sunday night at 9:00 pm. She’d be someone who says she's gonna do something and stick to it. Although I would love to become my alter ego. Who would be me after that.
Jan 05
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It was average,

It was discouraging,

it was easy,

9th and 10th flew by fast,

11th is still dragging on,

it is hard,

it is time consuming,

it has chemistry,

A's and B's,

I challenged myself,

to be better,

to be a better me,

not just better but more educated,

teachers told me it was going to be hard,

told me I could do it,

signed up for classes,

got my schedule,

made new friends,

the old me became invisible,

I don't regret my choices,

I take chem as I can,

we all come together like a big clan,

give help when needed,

we laugh a lot,

laid back it's cool,

don't stress too much,

don't know how taxes work,

don’t know about loans,

just listen to the teachers,
Dec 17
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A Little Easier

life with only two arms is very overrated. Only being able to do one or two things at once is so totally last year. I woke up one morning with three arms and I think of it as the best day of my life. Being able to do many things at once is only a dream everyone can have. When I have to cook, oh boy does it make it immensely easier. I can cook mac and cheese on one burning and then hamburger on another. Which I could do before but now I can tend to both sides of the meal and create a masterpiece every time. If there is one more thing that I would ever ask god for it would be to have extendable arms. So that I can do many things in different rooms. That would make cleaning the house so much easier. Maybe then the kids chores would actually be done (eye roll). The kids are having a very difficult time dealing with my third arm.They think it is very weird. None of them like to be touched by it. I have very rarely been given hugs lately.
Dec 09
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When I was 9 years old I really wanted to get a chocolate lab. I begged my parents so many times. Earlier that year we had to put down our other dog which was very sad it was the only dog I had, had during my lifetime at that point . My next dog i wanted had to be a chocolate lab. I had finally given up on the idea of getting a dog. One day I went over to a friends house and my parents said they had a surprise for me in my head I wished it was a dog. I told myself that it wasn't a dog. When they got the my friends house I look in the back seat and there he was Mack. I was so happy to have this little guy in my life. Now I have a 7 year old dog who can't seem to keep his head out of food and the trash. I love him more than anything. He is the most perfect thing that has ever happened to me.
Dec 09
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It is being to get cold
go below the feeling of normal
white snow covers the ground

like a blanket
We sit inside
watch the snow fall
it groups in mass amounts

The chocolate is hot and warm
family gathers
for get togethers
were children run
and play

have many laughs
the women gather in the kitchen.

Everyone enjoys the evening
we cherish the time we spend together
as people being to leave
everyone gets hugs
We spend the time with the ones we love.

Nov 17
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Today, was like every other usual day. Go to My Honors Chem class struggle to stay awake and focus on what is even going on. As the bell rings slowly pack up my stuff and shuffle on to english. AP English would have me kinda engaged mostly because my teacher makes everyone say one thing that relates to our discussion. Go to gym which is basically the highlight of my morning where most of the time we play gaga ball ( a very intense game of don't let the ball hit your knee or lower). This point in the day brings us to lovely spanish were I understand about half of what comes out of my teachers mouth but still manage to learn something. Today in spanish we met our long term sub which is inevitably going to be a disaster judging off of last time we had one. The worst thing is I don't think I can take her seriously as a teacher.