Feb 10
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Where did the sweatshirt come from? (read to the end)

“Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep,” sounded the microwave, alerting the girl her popcorn was done. She shuffled into the kitchen, eager for the fresh popcorn,already tasting the butter in her salivating mouth. She was in sweats with her hair in a messy bun. She grabbed a big bowl from the cabinet and took the bag of popcorn from the microwave. After getting a glass of water and dumping her snack in the bowl she returned to the couch and covered up in a blanket.

    Her name was Donna and she was house sitting for a friend who was in Montana for the weekend. She was going to spend the night watching scary movies alone and was excited. She didn’t usually spend her Saturday nights like this, usually she sat home with her cat and did work or went on the internet, but there was no internet here.
Feb 03
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Hypothermically Unconscious: Dottie's story (part 2 of 2)

The view of snow covered mountain with pine trees comes into focus as sound of the camera clicks. “That's a beauty!” Dottie says looking at the odd half dozen pictures she just took of the great Alaskan landscape. This what her first trip above 64 degrees longitude.

Since the year after she graduated from college, Dottie hadn't lived in one place for more than a month at a time. After getting her bachelor's degree in photography, Dottie started traveling around the world, selling her pictures to magazines and in coffee houses. She made enough to get around. Occasionally she’d had enough to buy a plane ticket or a nice hotel room for a few nights, but would hitchhike and stay with people or  stay in cheap motel rooms along the way. She had a vast network of connections around the world.
Jan 27
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Hypothermically Unconscious: Joe's Story (part 1 of two)

Joe was on a regular trip out to check his traps. It was a nice day for Alaska. The temperature was a balmy -5, but with a wind chill of -15. He was out on his snow machine with a little black sled on the back for bringing in firewood,a deer, or whatever he needed to transport. It was just a handy little sled.

It was snowing, but not hard and it didn't seem like any of it was accumulating. Joe was on his way back from checking his traps. He only got a couple minks, not what he was hoping for but not a bad day either. He was a trapper, but since he lived off the land he didn't need much money so it was more of a hobby. He would check his traps once a week and bring the furs to town to sell. He had a nice amount of money saved up in an old coffee can back in his quaint log cabin hidden in a secret compartment in his bedroom.     
Jan 20
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I've Kinda Given Up

Each action had its consequence. Even though I may regret some actions and have to live with the fact that it happened; whether it be a failed test or a fight with a friend. The events and actions that followed are important; everything is important and although it might not be fun. I've been sick before and wished I was dead but then a few months later thought of everything that had happened that I would've missed if I had died while sick like I had wished.
Dec 16
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Ankle Socks

I have been fuming all day long and it was all because of a nice pair of new socks.
I put on a brand new pair of ankle socks this morning. They were very pretty; they were a peach/orange sherbert color with yellow and pink birds and grey toe and heel. Though I liked these sock I quickly realized that no one was going to see my socks because my sneakers cover them, which is the point of ankle socks. I became slightly angry and began to wonder: Why do ankle socks have pretty designs? I understand if it's knee high socks or even regular height sock that aren’t completely covered by your shoes but still as it was pointed out to me that if you're wearing regular length socks you're probably wearing pants that cover them because most people don’t wear shorts and tall socks.
Dec 09
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My Home, Imagine That

Home sweet home. When I was younger I had a bitter-sweet relationship with my home. I probably still do today. I wanted to get out. I wanted to be free of my prison. I wanted have a big family that would play with me. I wanted to stay there forever. I wanted to never see it again. My thoughts towards it changed as often as the weather here in Vermont. I’ve spent so much time here in my house and feel comfortable here. Where else would I go? Where else could I go and feel the same comfort?
Dec 02
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My Only Driving Lesson

    No doubt I have many embarrassing stories. The thing is as long as you can laugh at yourself the stories become more than embarrassing. The embarrassing stories are what make us all a little more human and shows that we all make mistakes. It took me a few minutes to decide which to tell from the time I told someone how intimidating they were while hugging them and hearing that story back they following monday by a different person to telling a gross story about one of my cousins thinking was whispering but then realizing that people across the room heard it too. I finally settled on my first and last driving lesson.
Nov 18
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My Once Beautiful Chair

A girl can not leave her house so all day long she sits in her beloved old rocking chair. She reads and watches the children play longing to be able to go and play with them even though she knows that it would be impossible. Once she dies the chair falls out of use and no one wants it so it is thrown away which leaves her devastated even though she knows she can not do anything to change that on the account that she is dead.
Nov 11
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A Few Suggestions For a More Perfect World

In a perfect world money would have less power over people. The earth would be constantly growing bigger so overpopulation wouldn’t be such a problem. All children would have a home with parents who loved and cared for them, so people could adopt all the children in need before they reproduced and created more, which would also work to keep the population down.
Nov 04
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Water pure and simple
Running down a mountainside as just a ripple
Brooks,streams, and springs
In its natural habitat silence rings
Harvested, purified, and bottled
The liquid is clear, tasteless, not mottled
Water: refreshing and quenches thirst
Not having any would be the worst
Hot or cold, rain or snow
So many ways for it to go
One of the few substances we can safely observe
In the three states of matter and work to conserve

It's the same water drank by the dinosaurs
Never created or destroyed, the earth just stores
Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing too
Without water are things we can not do
Nothing would grow
Plants we would never know
If there was no water
We all know water is awesome
Now go get a cup and have some