May 10

should have said something

The other day at my school I was walking to lunch when I over heard something. A boy im my class yelled very unkind words at this girl who was also in my class. I'm not friend with said girl but I know it wasn't right and that said should not have said such things. I turned around as soon as I heard said girl say something back to said boy and I said some no no words in her defense and that was the end of it. As soon as the day was over I cloudn't help but wonder what if he does this to her every day? I should have said something more and I regret that I didn't and still think about what more I should have said or if there was something that would stop him from doing it in the future to her again. 
May 05


They sat at the dining-room table, the family of four. No one talked, no one wanted to. Dinner for them was quite time and that's how it's always been. Someone sneezed, the mom turned and look with her soft eyes and with her eyes she said thank you. It's a tradition and they love it. Mom makes dinner dad sets the table and the kids sit and wait. When it's time for dessert they talk. Mom asked how was your day and they all answer with the same chipper "good" and they ask her back. Next was bedtime, they bushed their teeth and said their good nights. House was silent and so was the town.
Apr 28

Pet peeves

My biggest pet peeve is people in general. I hate peoples. It irritates me when people pronounce words wrong, when people say stupid things. I get so irritated so easily that you could breathe too loud and I would get mad. I don't know why but I just can't stand it. 
Mar 17

Glass cuts

 When I was six I think, I was running in my kitchen and there was a garbage bag with broken glass in it. I ran right into the broken glass which cut me leg. I have to got to the hospital. I wanted in the waiting room for like 5 minutes. When I want in a room and waiting on the gurnee a doctor came in and started to clean it out. Then I asked the doctor before he started stitching my cut if he had ever done this before and he said no. When he said no I started to freak out but my mum was like he's only joking. I spent the night in the hospital and was mad the next day because my brother and sister when camping without me.
Mar 11


My most memorable experience in gym call was last year. Last year in gym, our class was playing kickball and someone kicked the ball and the ball hit me in the face. It was kinda my fault but not really, I was talking to my friend and I wasn't really paying attention. I got sent to the nurse and I was ok but one of my gym teachers every time we played a game with a ball would be like pay attention Sarah don't was to get hit again do we, 
Mar 03


I was running from him.

He was right behind me, I could hear him huffing and puffing behind me.

He was steps away, I had to get away.

I looked around, left then right and I spotted the stairs.


I’m running up the stairs and I can feel then rocking back and forth,

back and forth.

“I’m gonna get you” he yelled.

No your not, I think in my heads.

I reach the top and stop to take a breath,

and another.

He reached the top,

the chase was over.  

Dec 25

Worst day

Dec 17

The man in her dream

It's a cold and snowy day in Manhattan, Jillian is walking to the bakery right down the street from her brownstone. 

Christian is walking to the bakery that's at the end of the street where his flat is. 

Jillian and Christian are both waiting for the crosswalk like to say it's safe to cross. 
The light turns and they start walking and Jillian turns her head and looks at the man next to her. 

Christian watched as the pretty woman next to him turn her head and look at him He doesn't know who she is but by the look in her eyes he knows she knows who he is. 

Jillian remembers the dream he had last night

This girl is running through the park, it's mid-day. She's laughing and holding hands with a man. He's tall and has black hair and he's tattooed. She looks at his face and he's smiling down at her and he's has this twinkle in his eyes. He's starts to say something but everything turns black. 
Dec 11

Home sweet home

Home is where most at home.
 When I get home I feel like I can breathe again.
 It's where I can be one hundred percent myself and I can do what. 
Home is where I can overthink everything and have panic attacks about homework that I still have to do. 
Home is where my family is and where the automatic wifi connection is. 
Home is where I can argue with my brother. 
Home is where I feel most comfortable. 
Dec 04


I don't know if my fear is irrational but it scares me. I have a fear of climbing ladders. I'm not afraid when I get to the top or when I look at the ground or the ladder itself. Nothing really brought on my fear of climbing ladders it's just when I get to the middle of climbing the ladder my heart starts to race and I get a scared.