Feb 28

The Tree of Life

Since I've painted this as a vertical image, a segment of it is cut off; the actual picture can be viewed using the attachment below.

Apr 26

Short Film

A few friends and I have just finished a short film for a 72-hour Online Film Slam. There are over 200 people competing, including individuals from overseas, and the films have to include certain elements (multiculturalism, a dance scene, an unlikely hero character, and a certain genre; ours was comedy). Our movie, "Escapade in 2D", is embedded below; if you like it, please vote for it using this link: https://www.socapa.org/tapintofilm/vote.php?id=137 (and if you don't like it, well, we did the best we could and unfortunately cannot do better at the moment).

If you so wish, you can help us gain public approval by spreading the film to your connections.

Thank you!

Nov 18

Lute Player

Any actual lute players out there- sorry if I got all the fingering/technique/instrument wrong. I can't play the lute (or any string instrument for that matter). I don't know how it works. I was going for, er, an aesthetic effect.
Nov 08

Afternoon Drive

Oct 30

Attempt at a Still Life No. 3

Oct 24

Attempt At A Still Life No. 2

Oct 19

Attempt at a Still Life No. 1

Oct 11

Watercolor and Gouache on paper (I, unfortunately, could not think of a title)

Jul 01

Three Minutes to One

I had retired early
        to wake up four o'clock.
I fastened all my hooks
         and tuned into a fishing talk.
Asembled all my bait and
        jitterbugs by Arbogast
Tomorrow's the Fishing Derby - and
        I want to be the best.

I closed my eyes-but sleepless remained
I thought of the weather - what if it rained?

I'll need a raincoat, boots, and umbrella.
I tossed off the covers and sneaked to the cellar.

As I went downstairs
        I heard my dog's shrill

I gave him a hug
        But he would not quell

I saw that a barb had pierced his lip
I ran for my tackle box.
        My heart almost flipped.

I pulled out pliers
        and rushed back to Harb
with a gigantic effot
        I cut off the barb.

My best fishing rod was chewed up into shreds
I punished my dog and went to my bed.
Jun 24


(I first thought I had drawn a live lobster on a white background. It turns out that most live lobsters are a dull grey/green/blak color and only turn red when cooked, and only one in two million are naturally red...)