Mar 25

The Storm Swimmer

     It was a pleasant, late afternoon. My brother and I were joyfully splashing in the lake, I experiencing a face to face encounter with guppies, minnows, and occasionally a browsing larger fish, my brother paddling with an amiable crocodile. Looking happily across the water, Gong, as we named the floatie, cheerfully showed off a blue patch, camouflaging the hole on the place where a mouse happily snacked on plastic.
     Gasping for the air after chasing a foot-long trout, I shook off streams of rain when distant thunder claps reached my ears.
     Hurriedly changing, I dashed to the car but was stopped by my brother’s scream, “Bring the floatie!” My eyes spun around, searching the beach. Gong was floating on the edge of the water.
Mar 17
essay 1 comment challenge: Illegal

The Silly Mouse Inside Us

     “I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend. The ticket ladies don’t usually come out on Sundays, so I’ll be fine,” I kept telling myself as I parked my car next to a hydrant after finding no legal parking space close enough to my destination.  Obviously, when my car was towed I was beyond myself with anger, but not remorse.
     When we do illegal things, covering them up with excuses, don’t we harm anyone except ourselves? And isn’t it strange that our wrong doings always backfire on us? For example, in my case, the fire department was not be able to reach the hydrant and called the tow truck.
Mar 10

Haunting Trampoline

Haunting Trampoline

When I was about seven, I had a burning desire to get up before dawn, pull on a sheet, and wake up everyone in the family by pretending to hover over them like a ghost. I started to go to bed early, thinking it would help, but could not fall asleep at six in the evening. After worrying everyone sick for a few weeks with my weird behavior, I saved enough money to buy an alarm clock.
Mar 03

The Age Of Computer Records

The Age of Computer Records

It was Monday morning. A blizzard was howling outside, my grandma and I were plowing through the snow to get an X-ray for my wrist. The entire arm hurt as I fell down on the skating rink.

Though the fear that I have a fracture was disheartening, I longed to visit the emergency room. The ambulances, medical equipment, doctors, and suffering fellow patients, like in movies, seemed fascinating.

When we got to the clinic, I was disappointed. No screaming sirens; the lobby was a stylish empty waiting room with a few chairs, tables with magazines, and couches. No humans (the receptionist excluded).

“Maybe it's like that,” I thought, “the exciting stuff is in the hospital rooms.” I didn’t get to find out soon.
Feb 24
fiction 2 comments challenge: Door

The Secret Door

The Secret Door

“Don’t forget to do the laundry!” my mom shouted from downstairs, slamming the front door shut as she went outside. I grabbed the basket and dragged it into the basement.

I placed the detergent on the shelf, and stared at the wall ahead. A faint stream of faint light caught my eye. “It's behind the old bookcase!”

The mysterious light intrigued me. After working the wooden shelf away, I found the source - a keyhole of an old, stout door with a partly chipped, worn out pattern on the sides. The rusty doorknob felt scratchy and cold on my fingers when I touched it. I held my breath out of excitement. Did I discover a secret passage?

I pulled on the knob, it wouldn’t budge. I glanced through the keyhole. A faint stream of bluish light was visible. Was this a portal? A secret room? Another world?
Feb 17

Justice, A Universal Law

Justice, A Universal Law

“Take the cookies out of the oven!” my mother’s voice resurrected in my consciousness, mercilessly throwing me into a cold reality. Tearing myself away from my book, I leapt up and ran to the kitchen, which was unusually cold with a nauseous smell of burnt parchment, sugar, and dough hanging in the air. I quickly squatted down, trying not to breathe, and opened the oven: on the tray was a curled, browned piece of parchment covered with dark brown, rock-hard lumps.

Excuses and fabulous stories to cover up my forgetfulness raced through my head, each being more unbelievable than the other.

I opened the door. The sting of winter wind quickly carried away the smell.
Feb 11

Fickle Fortune

Fickle Fortune

(Two men are driving a car, in a hurry to get to their destinations.)

B- (B, rummaging around and feeling his pockets) Drat! I forgot my phone!

A-(focused on driving) Don’t worry, you can take mine.

B- (relieved) Thank you! I will just make one call, and then lock the phone inside the car.

A- (still concentrated on the road ahead) That’s fine with me.

(A parks the car, and hurries off. B makes the call on the phone, and departs.)
Feb 03

A Concert of Invisible Musicians

A Concert Of Invisible Musicians

I am sitting by the window, listening to the sound of wind chimes - “a concert of invisible musicians, played on instruments unaltered through the times…”

The familiar tinkling of a wind chime throughout of neighborhood creates an enhancing atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Though never in the spotlight, the popularity of wind chime has a rich history and saw very little modifications.

In Ancient Rome, bronze chimes were hung in courtyards, where even the subtle movement of the wind caused the harmonious jingling.

In India, and later in China, pagodas with wind bells hung suspended from the corners were extremely popular. Their sounds were said to frighten evil spirits.
Jan 28
essay 0 comments challenge: Lamp

Jests of Light and Shadow

Jests of Light and Shadow

A lamp flickered in the house, adding a warm glow to the dark living room. There was a power outage: no electricity, no heat. A large truck pulled down the wires, and the electrical company was not in a hurry to come and repair it, so the entire neighborhood was plunged into darkness.

With absence of electric lights, the stars and the moon were brighter than usual, but not bright enough to light up and warm the people's homes.

The flickering flame of the oil lamp cast dancing shadows on the walls, filling the room with whimsical silhouettes of mysterious nature.
Jan 20

An Ode To The Refrigirator On The Eve Of Its Replacement

Dear Admirable Refrigerator!
On the eve of your replacement, I want to express my most sincere gratitude for your unrivaled performance during these past 30 years. The decades you have served our family have been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence. Through power outages, neglect of proper care, and constant tinkerings of your mechanisms, you stoically refrigerated our foods, keeping them refreshingly cooled. Even when a severe winter storm pulled down the wires, and the electricians failed to arrive for three days in a row, you still had the crisp, cold, frosty atmosphere as if nothing happened (a nasty smell of your bowels is not to be mentioned in this letter).