Jan 06



It was a bright, warm morning. I ran down the hill ready to embrace the entire world. A flock of ducks was bouncing on the emerald waters. There I saw her…..  She was standing up straight, throwing stones into the water, scaring up the ducks.

“Why do you do this?” She didn’t turn; I could only see her back, but there was something arrogant in the movement of her shoulders. Unconsciously I mimicked her movement; something drew me towards her. I flung my backpack over my shoulder, and walked over to her. “Hello?” I began. “Good day, isn’t it?”

“Good day? Go and enjoy it then,” she replied, not even trying to face me. The girl’s manner resembled my own, and it was embarrassing. “I….I just…. thought you look very much like me!” “No, I don’t! Go away and stop bothering me! You’re such a nuisance!”
Dec 30

Vanquishing the Wall

Vanquishing The Wall

I knew I shouldn’t laugh watching a hockey player crashing into the wall, though it was hysterically improbable, besides, it was just a movie.

My brother and I were skating, when I suddenly recollected the comical side of the otherwise disturbing occurrence, and started giggling uncontrollably. My brother, perplexed, looked at me with bewilderment. “Are you okay?”

Still chortling, I explained the reason for my laughter. “I can’t imagine how anybody can survive hitting the wall on high speed, forget about going on with the game,” I finished. My brother wasn’t amused at all. It’s not funny!” he fumed, and sped away in another direction.
Dec 24

Preposteous Genisis

Preposteous Genisis

The anfractuous, gutturniform beaker was full of a pellucid liquid, insinuating water, with non-defined olfactory properties. The scientist was even ready to dispense the container and commence the experiment all over for amaranthine, torturous hours. He went over to the window, letting in the fresh breeze to soothe his tenacious headache. An approaching thunderstorm made the air imperviously muggy and very warm; so dense you could hardly cut it with a machete.

The scientist's eye caught a distant, fugacious flash of lightning circumnavigating the horizon. At this very moment, a small, diaphanous arc of light started to twitch in the tube, and dematerialized in a second. "Is it a hallucination?" Most likely it was. But something seemed to trigger the scientist’s curiosity.
Dec 16

The Crossroads Of Infinity

The Crossroads Of Infinity

It was a warm summer evening. A playful breeze was tickling the trees, gently rustling their leaves in a quiet melody. The party was at full peak, full of laughter and talking, clinking of glasses and cheerful chatting. Among the guests was a man whose life was slowly being seeped up by the infinite.

In his better days he was a doctor serving on a submarine, and now was slowly dying from exposure to high level radiation. He knew the outcome and was not afraid to die, but was still fighting as a brave soldier. The moments when an acute pain was hard to tolerate in the presence of others were coming more often.
Dec 09

The Place That I Love

The Place That I Love

I open the kitchen door and dash outside into the backyard. The wooden deck is moist and slippery, the pool is covered with a green tarp reflecting the sky and the gnarled apple tree with great detail. As my foot touches the pool’s cover, silvery cracks appear on the surface. At night there was a frost. I reach my hand out and touch a thin layer of ice. As I look more closely, I see the crystallized surface and tiny air bubbles inside. This is the first ice of the season!

Soon, my little brother joins me, and together we plunge into the world of “Matika”, the whimsical transportation systems, the imaginary cities and neighborhoods, and cooking of exotic foods. Of course, there are other games; the ones with “bad guy Fark”, the “good 4-wheelers”, seven magical cats with their leader, and countless others.
Dec 02

It's All About The Safety

It's All About The Safety

It was a cool, crisp December morning. The remains of the snow storm in melted dirty piles lay on the curbs, frozen by the night’s cold spell.

I bundled up, and with some effort managed to leash our jumping and licking puppy. Of a slender but muscular build, he was a true born hunter; nothing could stop him from following a scent. Twice smaller than a labrador, our foxhound Shurr possessed an incredible strength and determination. If he would get something in his head, nothing could stop him, not even a leash; he’ll drag you along for miles.

Back to the story. While I was fidgeting with Shurr, my mom harnessed up our St. Bernard, Lappa and we walked out. The winter wind stung my face as I opened the door.
Nov 25

What's In My Name?

What’s In My Name?

My name, Uma, is equally rare in all cultures.

As far as namesakes, Uma Thurman, a Hollywood actress and super-model, now around 46, is probably the only well-known person called Uma in the United States. She was named after Uma Chenpo, a Tibetan Buddhist, who is even less known to the world.

The name has an ancient Hindu origin, and means “flax”, or “turmeric” in a direct translation from Sanskrit. It also symbolizes “mother” and “light”, which has to do with the the Hindu goddess, Uma, more commonly known as Parvati, the eternal spouse of God Shiva. Therefore it also carries the meaning of “tranquillity, splendor, and fame”. Uma represents the form of feminine energy, (Shakti), and therefore is interpreted as “universal mother”.
Nov 18

What's Next?

What’s Next?

I love reading. Most of my free time, I am lost in books.

Last week, while rummaging through the library, I found a dusty shelf with an equally dusty volume in small, faded print. I opened the book and read: “Shirley stepped off the train with three things in her bag; a notebook, a picture, and a loaded handgun.” “Sounds intriguing.”

I could not wait to find out who was that Shirley, and why she had a loaded handgun in her bag. When I finished my homework and consoled our whining foxhound pup with a chewing bone, I curled up on the sofa and dived into the book: “Shirley stepped off the train with three things in her bag; a notebook, a picture, and a loaded handgun,” a smell, a terrible, choking stench, which bothered me for a while, penetrated my consciousness. Something is burning!
Nov 10

In Memory of all Veterans

In Memory of all Veterans

Before me I have an open, slightly faded, thin green notebook. The yellowing pages are covered with fairly neat, but hard to read cursive writing in a foreign language. Tucked into the flyleaf, a small black-and white photograph of a man with a brave open face looks at me with determined eyes.

The notebook and the picture belong to the father of one of my family members and is kept as a memory token. The man on the picture wears a civilian jacket, a white shirt, and a tie; obviously the picture was taken much later than the events he describes in his notes.
Nov 04

A Symphony of Taste

                                   A Symphony of Taste

Piña Therch (Piña) is a scrumptiously delicious and healthy gourmet light drink. If crafted by the sophisticated mixologist, rather than the average bartender, it will have some of the unmistakable characteristics identical to the original quality of Catland Drinks brewery. Catland Drinks's authentic recipes, constantly improved through decades of concocting unique beverages, reached its crescendo in Piña. 

Piña is one of a kind; it is a healthy, natural tonic for the body and spirit. Like all of Catland's drinks, Piña is made with organic, locally grown and hand picked, carefully selected brewed Poy with an added tinge of Perth, and no artificial additives ever!