Nov 30

The Angel Wing Necklace

Brown hair. That is the only thing I remember about her. I did not know her or anything about her. She was kind however, that much was easy to see. She was working downtown Burlington at the grocery store, and I told her I liked her necklace, like I did to most of the cashiers there. They always had pretty jewelry or at least to the eyes of a young child. My mom and I sat down at the ¨cafe¨ and started eating. Just a typical day in a typical town in typical Vermont. Suddenly she ran over to us, the angel wing necklace in her hand, a backpack on her shoulders. And she gave the necklace to me. "Someone gave me their backpack when I said I liked it, so here, I'm passing the kindness on."
Sep 16

Who am I?

I am a boat who sailed on the sea
Whose passengers lived in luxury 
Some were good and some were bad 
Yet they lived a story much too sad

They paid a pretty penny to be able to sail on me
Thinking they were going to get opportunity
Yet they paid for loss and hardship
And an experience to painful to leave their lips

At two twenty my fate was clear
Never would I see another year
Nor would I see the above again
I would scattered in pieces, never to mend

So that's my story, beginning to end
That each generation chooses to lend 
To the next who share it in turn
To their friends who are eager to learn

And so like that my story is shared 
From sea to land
Wether in writing or by speech
It marks you deep where none can reach
A mark so strong it holds you tight
'Till the last ray of light

Sep 15


I am a drawer.
A dancer

I am a leader. 
A violinist

I am a cat lover.
A reader

I am a friend. 
A photographer

I am the one and only me
Jun 08

Eugene: The Crazy Chipmunk Man

    “Oh gosh, they’re back!” Eugene thought. “Shoo, shoo!” he shouted as the little chipmunks scurried away. Eugene was an older gentleman, past his prime in life, yet he had never lost his dislike of chipmunks. Little devils in disguise, he called them. Everyone knew Eugene, in one way or another. The rangers knew him as Chipmunk Man. The butcher knew him as Grouchy, and his wife knew him as…well, plain old Eugene. All in all, Eugene was famous in the small town of Chester, Connecticut. All for his dislike of chipmunks. Sometimes he chased them with a broom. Sometimes he trapped  them; and other times he just stood there, and the chipmunks would run off. 
Feb 12

Truth or Dare (For Kittens)

Oy. How did we get into this mess. Let me introduce myself. I'm Noah and that is my littermate Rose. As you can see we're a little bit stuck. I guess some would say we deserve it, for my nose for adventure is always getting us into weird positions. Literally. One day, Rose was minding her own business when I came scampering up to her. We're not humans, but we still play the traditional game of Truth or Dare. Right then and there, I started to dare Rose to roll in the flower beds when she beat me to it. "I dare you to climb up the ladder, on to the roof, and meow like you've got a dog on your trail." If I didn't do it I'd lose my dignity. The was no choice. I had to do it now.

Nov 13

A Journey Among the Waves

On the Oshika Peninsula in Japan a young boy, Aito, decided to swim in the ocean before school started for the day. When the ocean came into view, Aito spotted a very small shape swimming among the waves. As he got closer, the shape of a cat started to form. Aito jumped into the ocean, swimming as fast as he could to investigate the cat. As it swam away, Aito followed until the mainland was out of view, and the ocean stretched in all four directions. His only choice was to follow the cat and hope they would come to an island. Suddenly, land came into view. Aito and the cat found a place to rest.
Sep 25

The Strange Sightings Pt.1

Route 117 January 2, 2006
"The Beatles, 1965, from the album Help." Robert McAlister tapped his hand against the gray steering wheel.
"Yesterday. Ha!" Jade laughed.  "Still the champion.You're going to have to pick harder songs, Dad." Robert shook his head.
"Well, should I have guessed you know that song? It's like..." He paused to count. "It's twenty-six years before your time." The car swirved.
"This blizzard just keeps getting worse," Robert sighed. The snow whipped around the car in knife-like gusts, obsuring the landcape. The normally prominant mountains had disapeered and the sky was made up of a single gray cloud.
"Jade, honey, can you call your Mom and tell her we will be a little bit late? My cell is in the bag."
Sep 22

When I Am 35...

When I am 35 I will be out on my own, somewhere...
When I am 35 I will have my own house, somewhere...
When I am 35 I will have a job, somewhere...
When I am 35 I will have pets of my own, somewhere...
When I am 35 I will travel, somewhere...
Somewhere where I am happy.