Oct 17
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Hello Sweetie -1

You feel a hand grab at your ankle from under the bed. It’s wet and sticky, but firm. It pulls, knocking you to the ground. Your neck snaps back, a painful jolt rocketing through it. You scream, grabbing for the chair next to your bed. But the creature is dragging you too fast and you grope thin air. Your breath runs out and you reach for more. You open your mouth to scream again, but another hand is over your mouth now. Soon, you stop seeing the ceiling of the room you’ve been stuck in for God knows how long, and start to see the bottom of the mattress. Somehow though, the mattress does not stop. Though it being a twin bed, you do not come out the other end. Instead, you feel yourself being dragged downward. Downward into the depths of darkness, swallowing you up into a deep sea of nothingness. The hands move to your neck, but you have less than a second before you hear a snap, and then it’s over. No more hands, no more pulling. Just the darkness.
"Goodbye Sweetie."
Oct 16
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Hello Sweetie

Anna heard the screams. Her night shift was almost over and nothing had happened. She was happy. But the screams came. And, being a nurse at the Daylarc Insane Asylum, she had to find out what was happening.
So she traveled down the hallway to room 32 where she had heard the screams coming from. It was quiet. For a second, she thought she was going crazy. But then she remembered where she was. An Insane Asylum. A place where screams and yells were the norm. So she unhooked her keys from her belt and found the right key. She pushed it into the lock and turned it to the left. It made a satisfying click, acknowledging that the door was unlocked. Then, Anna pushed the thick door open, leaning cautiously through the small entry she had made. She looked left, then right, but to her surprise, it was empty.
So she stepped into the room, first her left foot, then her right foot. Soon, she was next to the bed. It was stripped clean; no sheets, no pillows.
Oct 16
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I have nothing on my mind 
I am a blank slate
I'm in a cave
A cave that has no light
No light for me to see the thoughts on the wall
The cave is my mind
And it is dark
And plain

The poem was my only start. I couldn't think. Writer's block. I tried to focus on my writing but my mind kept wandering to the woman to the right of me, chewing her eggs and bacon. Somehow, she made the regular, quiet bites of egg turn into a can being crunched into someone's hand. No wonder I couldn't think. 
“I know, it's awful.” 
I looked up to find one of the waitresses leaning onto the counter, staring at the woman. 
“Excuse me?” I stated.
“We get people like this all the time, chewing so loud you can hear them at the other side of the diner!” Her gum smacked against her cheek as she talked. 
She looked down at my work.
“Whatcha got there?” she asked. 
Feb 08
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The Green Goblin

A lamp flickered on in the house
I went quiet like a mouse
Down to the living room
And I looked with gloom
To the flickering lamp in the house
I was home alone
Chilled to the bone
The light went on
Then I heard a quite yawn
Coming from the corner
And I felt like an explorer
When the lamp flickered on in the house
"Hello little child"
The green goblin smiled
"I'm sorry to scare you
But I seem to have caught the flu
Do you have some soup?"
I swoop down to meet the goblin as small as a basketball hoop
"Why, I do have some"
I say as I stare at his green thumb
When the lamp flickers on in the house
When he finished the soup
He comes with me to snoop
Around the house 
And we find my mother's blouse
Because of this flickering lamp in the house
"Now it's time for me to go"
The goblin says walking through the snow
"But I want to say one thing
Nov 23
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The Sleepwalking Incident

I was having a sleepover with my friends. We were having fun, watching movies, eating popcorn, gossiping. Then, it was time for bed, me and one of my friends on the bed and my other two friends on the fold out couch. When I woke up, I was standing in the middle of the room, my friends huddled on the bed. They told me what happened. I was sleepwalking. I had stood up, stepped all over my friends on the fold out couch, then fell asleep on top of them. I started sleepwalking again, this time, to the bed, where I took all of the blankets and wrapped them around me. I proceeded to walk into the middle of the room and didn’t sleepwalk again until I woke up.
Nov 22
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The Knight's Prophecy

Once upon a time, there lived a wise old turtle who knew everything, weather it was what you were wearing or who had just been killed in the war across the globe. Now this wise old turtle was always right, and if he had a prophecy, it always happened. One day, a young knight was given a mission. His King told him to go see the turtle for his prophecy. The turtle knew this of course. He also knew that the knight did not want to see the turtle. But yet, the knight came. The turtle went to greet the knight and they talked on the way back to the turtles home. The knight told the turtle about his wife who was expecting and the journey he was about to take. But there was no need to tell the turtle this, for he knew everything he talked about.
“Now,” said the knight. “May you please tell me my prophecy?”
Nov 15
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The Notebook, The Picture, And The Loaded Handgun

Shirley wasn't ready for this. This was too much. Shirley Green, license to kill by the CIA. Why did she take this job? She stepped off the train with three things in her bag: a notebook, a picture, and a loaded handgun. The train station was crowded, no one would notice her. Shirley climbed the stairs leading to outside. The sun was bright, but she didn't have any sunglasses. Shirley brought out the notebook from her bag. 28th Street first shop was written on the second page.
By the time she got there, the sun was starting to set. Shirley stepped into the first shop. She pulled the picture out of the bag. Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, a very distinctive jawline, and a large nose. She must be able to rhetoric, or this deal might not go as planned. There he was, the man in the photo, sitting in the far left hand corner. 
“Hello my darling,” he said as she approached him. “You must be Shirley Green, the CIA agent. The names Charlie, Charlie Smith.”
Nov 10
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My Chair

My momma rocked me in it
My papa sat me in it during a fit
I started since day one
Eating my cinnamon bun
Year two
Small enough to fall through 
Its my chair
Watching the rockets red glare
Fast forward 10 years
Giving big cheers
Year 18
Leaving for college in my green jeans
Year 25
I arrive
Its my chair
Watching the rockets red glare
My little daughter
Playing in the rainwater
I rocked her in it
I sat her in it during a fit
Year 65
I will survive
Year 100
I have to wonder
What will happen with my chair?
Watching the rockets red glare

My papa rocked me in it
My papa sat me in it 
What will happen to his chair?
I will watch the rockets red glare
Because it's his chair
Nov 10
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The Murder of The Band Mystery

Oct 26
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The Lights That Worry Me

“Zoe! You’re going to be late!” 
I was rushing. The bus was here I was just eating breakfast. As I hurry to get money and put on clothes, the bus starts to leave. I run outside and run after the bus. But I’m to slow. The bus leaves without me for the 10th time in a row. New record. I’ve been practicing my running so I start to run. When I get to the middle of town, at 7:26 am, I start to see it. The lights in front of me. Blue and purple and everywhere. Bouncing off the buildings, shining light on multiple people. And it looks like I’m the only one who sees it. It lasts for 10 seconds. Then it's gone. I run to my classroom, just before the bell rings. No one looks at me. They already know I just made it. I take my seat in the back far right of the classroom. I wonder why no one’s talking. Then I hear the faint noise of a deep voice.