Feb 15
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I am everything

I am the one who flys with the wind
I am the one who swims through the seas 
I am the one who climbs the mountains
I am the one who swings through the trees
I am the one who burns in the fire
I am the one who shines in the day
I am the one who makes you climb higher
I am the one who brightens your way
I am the one who flows through the river
I am the one who goes away in the day
I am the one who lives
I am the one who dies
I am the one who gives
I am the one who cries
I am nothing 
I am everything

Jan 29
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Mockingbird song

It was a beautiful morning 
And nothing was wrong 
I woke up with that feeling
Like a mockingbird song 
So cheerful and uplifting 
I felt that today
Was going to be a good day 
One without troubles
One without doubts 
One without fears
I got up and got dressed 
I had breakfast and went to work
I got back and had dinner 
So far nothing 
spectacular had happened
the good feeling from the morning 
the one like the mockingbird song 
had dissapered with the tasks of the day
It was just a normal day 
A boring day
I went for a walk 
Just around my neighborhood 
I turned around the last bend 
And saw a girl crying 
No older than eight
I could see my house 
It would be so easy to walk past
Pretend like nothing had happened 
But I knelt down by the girl
I helped her up
Asked her what was wrong 
And lead her home
Dec 11
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What is fear?
These are words that plague my mind 
They pound against the inside of my brain,
like a restless animal in a cage, begging to be let out
To some these might mean a clown, a dog, a class,
To others it might mean great height, the dark, the night
I think about what these words mean to me 
I am afraid of the future 
I am afraid of the past
I am afraid I will live my life
way too fast
I am afraid of failure,
Of no gain
I am afraid I’ll be another drop
In the pattering rain
I am afraid of some simple things too,
Like stink bugs, heights, and centipedes 
These things all define me 
Whether big or small 
But no matter how strong 
They won’t make me fall
I’ll fight through my fears
Though they won’t go away 
I will push through 
And maybe some day 
They just won’t seem so big
Oct 19
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Above the Trees

As I move up I see
the fallen snow sprinkling the trees 
against a dark blue sky
only a cloud or two to see 
I go up up up
brushing the snow off my skis
I go up up up
finally breaking through the branches 
I take a breath in 
tasting the frigid winter air
Snow starts to fall
chills spreading through my hair
As I look around me 
my breath is taken away
For what I see
I will always replay
Time slows down 
as the mountain top nears 
As I see the trees laced in white dust
I don’t have a fear
Not a moment matters 
not the future or past
Just here and now 
but moments don't last 
I reach the top of the mountain 
and I get off the lift
feeling very grateful 
for that wonderful gift
May 19
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I stare at the ceiling 
Laying on my bed 
Wondering why
Thoughts running through my head
Is it worth it?
Will this make my life better?
Can I really do something so hard?
What if I fail
The biggest fear of them all
What if I fail
I don't want to fall
The door creaks open
Just a little crack 
Light comes in 
Landing softly on my back
In walks a figure
So tall and so grand
Sharing a warm glance 
Telling me I can 
And I get out of bed 
I'm gonna conquer the world 
Fears out of my head
May 08
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I was laughing

I was laughing 
So hard I was crying 
So hard I couldn't breath 
A few seconds before
I slipped a small pink balloon-ish thing
Onto my mom's seat
She sat down hard 
I was laughing 
The look on her face 
Was enough to make me laugh 
And that's why I am laughing 
So hard I am crying 
So hard I can't breath
Apr 17
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They sat at the dining room table,
The family of four,
Eating in absolute tranquility 
Never speaking never faltering 
Each hiding their own faults
Little prickles of doubt running up their spines
Each begging to be set free
But only succeeding to be pushed down further 
They sat at the dining room table,
The family of four,
Sitting in silence

Mar 20
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I stood tall on a rock. As I looked around me I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into, I'm not an explorer, and now you're lost. I slowly turned my head to the dark gray sky. As I looked, the world seemed to slow down. I watched hundreds of little water drops descend from the sky. I flinched as the first one hit me.
           I looked around once more to see if I could find shelter. I saw a little hollow tangle of roots made by a fallen tree. I ran under the roots and huddled into a ball, pulling my hood over my head. There I waited out the storm. The minutes ticked by, my watch beeped at the hour. Eventually the rain slowed down to a drizzle. I emerged from the tangled roots almost completely dry, and climbed back on the rock.
Mar 13
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It was a Sunday
A normal Sunday
A boring Sunday 
I went to the attic 
My grandmother's attic 
A dusty attic
I looked for a box
A wooden box
A box with my name
I'd done this before
Come up here before 
Held this box before 
The box had my name 
Eloise is my name 
I looked at my name 
Did I have the courage 
The courage to open 
The courage to open the box
I sat there for a while
Staring at the box
I cracked open the lid 
and peeked inside 
And inside I saw
A folded piece of paper
And a well-loved bear
I unfolded the paper 
It was a letter 
from my favorite aunt 
An aunt that had died 
Three long years ago 
It's funny how such little things
Can make you smile 
Feb 23
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I watched my child 
Run up and down
The wooden latter 
That touched the ground 
Up into her tree house 
Down onto her swing
She'd run all around 
And just sing sing sing
Sometimes I'd chase her 
Her laugh like the wind
I watch her climb up
With a giant grin 
We had a lot of fun
As any child would
And I'm she's so happy
Enjoying her childhood