Oct 30
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Today was the day i found out some bad news.One of my family members got in a car accident it was horrifying(Alarming),no words can explain how i feel.No one told me if they were dead or alive i don’t know how to express myself maybe i need some time alone.My favorite place to go and think when something bad(Dreadful) happens is the docks right near my house.I sit there and think to myself “whats going on?”I sit and watch the sunset and it’s wonderful colors,it helps me calm down.The feeling of water touching my soft(silky),dry(bare),feet feels like a nice cold bath on a hot,humid(sweltering) day.

Mar 21
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i like

I like presents

I like my iPhone

I like my friends

I like to draw

I like social media

I like getting my nails done

I like sleeping a lot

I like traveling

I like everything in general

I hate to end this but i like where this is going.

Feb 15
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No media!

If all social media shut down I wouldn’t know what to do,it’s like my life relies on social media.I can’t even live without my phone,the most important social media(s)is Snapchat,and Facebook.Snapchat is the only why I text friends basically,Facebook is the only way i text my mom after school,or if I’m gone at a friends house.For example I have streaks on Snapchat with friends and people that I barely talk to but it’s not really much work,if you don’t know what streaks are it’s just a certain amount of days that you talked/texts that person,there’s no certain amount of streaks you can have it’s infinity if you don’t lose them.Facebook is a way for me to figure out what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with my family members.For example my brother got married and is having a baby,my sister also got married.

Oct 31
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house dead quiet

The house was dead quiet you are home alone with nothing just a tv and a kitchen. The doors are locked but you think you hear something like someone was walking up the stairs.Boom boom boom creek…...then you hide in a closet and then you find out it was just ur chubby kitten now have nothing to do but to just sit in your bedroom and be silent but then you realize,that you could watch tv and eat popcorn but you are trying to be silent the whole entire time you are home alone so you just decide that you're gonna get food and go back to your bedroom but you don't know if you should cook food or just heat up some leftovers from the night before. you decide  that you're gonna heat up leftovers.but then your parents get home and your happy that you don't have to be silent anymore and hangout with your parents s before bed.