Oct 07

the steps of making tea

i have never found myself in poetry,
but i think i may have found myself in your arms
as we sit in your kitchen, waiting for the kettle;
your soft eyes and parted lips, sculpted by aphrodite
as you silently boil the water. 

you have careful fingers as you pour the hot water
into two red, chipped mugs. i remember the
gentle pressure of those fingers twisted in my hair. 

curled green leaves lay with small jasmine flowers,
Mar 28

Flaming CIty

there was a darkness filling the air in their lungs,
but yet every time they exhaled they released
columns of light into the night sky above them.
great smoke stacks spewed silver plumes into the distance,
smoke hanging low in the rich dark sky,
flaming flecks of light contrasted against the limitless horizon.
the city was a vast, intricate labyrinth of tiny lights;
golden man-made stars burning like embers fallen from the sun.
it was as if somebody had taken a fist full of glitter and blown it across the city,
watching as it fell to earth, shimmering and sparkling brightly with gold and white light.
i sat above all of it, the ground below me alive with dazzling light.  
roads twisted and snaked through the maze of buildings
everywhere i looked i could see millions of shining lights sprawled beneath me,
gleaming brilliantly, flickering passionately.
Oct 14

Rock Climbing