Mar 03

Tale as Old as Time

I just started a photography class at my school and one of our projects was to take a series of photos that represent a word. My three words were Frail, Brown, and Oval. This is what I did for frail and I actually like it. The other one's were alright, for brown I took a photo of some brown weaving, and the oval was an oval-shaped box filled with roses. I also had to take a photo that could be interpreted as all three of the words and for that, I took a photo of a cracked brown egg. I like this one the best out of the four. I was going for a Beauty and the Beast situation. 
Feb 19

Snowflake 4

Feb 11

Just Ideas

I just fixed the link.
This link will take you to a google shared folder with 6 designs, one for the home page, one for tiny writes, one for book club and the same three again but for mobile dimensions click here

I'm not totally sure if this is what the challenge was looking for... but this is how I did it. These are just ideas!

They're in alphabetical order, but it should be pretty clear which goes to which b/c they are labeled. 
Feb 04


Jan 28