Feb 06

An Icy Sunrise

Feb 04


Feb 02

Snowflakes 3

Jan 28


Jan 23

"I'm Going in the snake!"

I took this sometime in August and... there were some complications. 
I took the second photo and got very excited because the skateboarder had his hands up and it was going to be a cool shot, but when I went to develop my film, something went wrong with the chemicals. If I remember the ratio of chemicals to water was printed wrong or something so my film got completely fogged and washed out... I was less than pleased. Someone helped me scan the ruined negatives into software that could somehow restore them? These two were pretty much the only salvageable photos off the entire roll of 36 lost shots. I'm actually okay that the film was ruined because I probably wouldn't have printed it with the sprocket holes on the sides and I really like it. I don't even remember what was on the rest of the roll but I'm glad I got these two back (:
Jan 20

President Joe Biden

Jan 19

SnowFlakes 2

Jan 16

Smoke Signal