Jan 13

Airborne... Snowboarder. Not Virus.

Jan 13


Jan 01

In Stitches

Dec 30

Purple Poly Skateboarder

This was a color film photo I took over the summer and just got developed today I uploaded it to my computer, which made it blurry, so I did another poly portrait thing-a-ma-bob. For some reason it looks a lot less saturated and bright on the website than it does in photoshop, so Idk what's up there but oh well. 
Dec 10

Snowflakes 1

Nov 08

Biden Wins!

Nov 02


This was one of the first photos I ever took, I think I was eight or nine and I was in a dark room camp so naturally, I took a picture of some girl's shoes. I'm surprisingly happy with this five years later. It's scanned from a print, so a little fuzzy and has some specs but oh well. (:
Oct 16

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Oct 04

Neon Splash