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Hang In There

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Cyanotype Fern

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Here There be Dragons

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George the Beatle

Jun 21
fiction challenge: Elves

A Gap in the Hedge

Thomas was awoken by the sun streaming through his curtains and a knock at the door. He rose and forced himself to answer. 

    “Oh, hey, Julia,” He said as he rubbed his eyes. 

    “Hey!” she said, bouncing on her feet. She reached up to fix his messy hair, “Let’s go, I’ve got something cool to show you!”

    “Can I brush my teeth first? You woke me up.”

    “There’s no time, I’m not sure how long it’ll be clear!”

    “What? What’s clear?”

    “I’ll explain on the way, I’ll get Beau and you get some shoes!” she said, pushing Thomas back inside his house and inviting herself in. 
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Dark Room

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Gone With the Wind