Jul 01

A Goodbye

Author's note: This will be my last post on young writers project. Thank you for all the encouragement these past few years.

There is a certain melancholy
In a bare wall.
One that you can't find
In a bare floor.

A wall stripped naked
Marked by stray push pins
Leaving millions of pinholes
That once held up the world.

Little reminders
Marks that connect sisters
Each one passing through just the same
Leaving traces for the next to discover.

This room will transform
Rooms are magic like that.
But no matter how it changes
I've left my mark too.
Jan 26

A Note on Empathy

My heart swells
It fills my chest
Crushes my lungs
Cracks my ribbed shell

I choke on my heart
It fights up my esophagus
Squeezes tight my vocal chords
Twists my tongue hard

My greedy heart takes
And takes and takes
Expands beyond borders
Bursting out through fissures it creates

“That’s enough” I choke
My selfish heart hisses
“No, never enough”
And continues to grow

Jan 22


I wish I had known you
before the darkness crept in,
before the voices whispered,
before the demons lurked in every corner.

Kind, compassionate, caring,
all manner of “C” sounds to describe you then.
They describe you now still,
only changed,
only not.

It first manifested,
ceaseless, complex, cacophonic.
Your diary read, “I can’t take this,”
and you hit your mother with a wrench,
or so you thought.

Meal time was spent on the porch,
Inside the house, siblings laughed.
Inside your head, something laughed too.

Aunty took one look and said it,
a cruel, careless word,
the word of a trained nurse:

Dad was scared to death.
You were 3 years older than he.
What if he caught the loony gene too?
Oh God, what if they all did?

A trip to Ohio was supposed to set you straight.
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schizo 3.mp3
Sep 21
poem 4 comments challenge: Say

A Royal Address

Forgive me for not kneeling when you passed by.
I forgot
Whose presence I was in.

Forgive me, your highness
For not waiting for the scepter to lower
For you to grant me permission to speak 

Oh please forgive me!
I didn't see the purple robes
I didn't know I was in the presence of royalty 

If you can't forgive me I understand 
Tear me apart with knives 
Lay me on a bed of sharp nails
Poison me with toxic venom 
Let them see red blood in the streets 

It's what I deserve isn't it? 
How dare I not bow before the queen. 
Sep 20

I Heard

This piece is featured in the October issue of The Voice. Check it out. -- YWP editors

I heard
That a biracial boy
An eight year old boy, just a baby
Learned the hard way when his life was strangled out
In front of a crowd of teenagers
That to trust is to tie your own noose.

I heard
That the police chief said
About the teenagers who watched
“Kids will be kids
Mistakes happen
Nobody is to blame.”

Tell me
That 15 year olds don’t know
You need air to breathe.
Ropes are for tire swings,
Not the necks of boys who had barely begun to live
And picnic tables are for lunch,
Not attempted murder.

Jan 07
poem 2 comments challenge: Cold


It is not your fault
That you don't know what I mean
When I say I am Cold.

But do not tell me it is okay
When my hands are shaking
When I cannot breathe

Because my lungs pull in breathfuls of frozen air
And exhale blood and ice

Because I am trapped
In sheets of clear crystal

Because I know
You can't see
Oct 15


In winter light 
I was yours but
When summer rays shine
I am gone
Your words darken
Freckle faced dawn
You, steel and flint
Burst into flames 
Of gnashing teeth and
​​​​Roaring of injustices I caused
Blazing for the one 
You lost

Smoke turns the sky grey
​​​​​And you are an inferno
So quick to light
Consuming the very ones that feed you
To serve your own purpose