Oct 30
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The Brave Trick Or Treater

It was a dark and stormy halloween this year. Almost no one had show up this year for trick or treating this year because of the weather. About 5 days before Halloween a mysterious company started pollution like crazy. No one knows who the mysterious company is. So the weather started getting worse and worse until a giant storm covered the whole earth and rain started to plummet down on earth. The government had tried to find out what the mysterious company was but they had stopped the smoke so they couldn't find them. So naturally there was not that many trick or treater this year. But trick or treating had always been one of Billy's favorite things to do so he roughed the weather and went out. His parents had been hesitant of course but Billy had been very persuasive. When Billy was walking too another house mad because one person had called him mad he saw a old lady. He wondered why she was out in the pouring rain.
Oct 21
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Sledding On Grass

         5 inches of snow had fallen overnight and in my household everyone was excited. It was a saturday so we brainstormed stuff to do. I wanted to go skiing but my sister had a ski lesson the next day so we decided to go the next day. My brother wanted to go to Pizza Put like he always does. But it was too nice out for that. My sister as always wanted to get her nails done but that was immediately rejected. His idea was to go sledding.
         “But there's only a couple inches,” I said.