Mar 25

I never meant to hurt you...

I'm standing in front of you. And you ask me, after two years of silence,
             "Are you okay?"
"Um yeah. Why?" I strangely want to hear his answer.
             "This is going to sound weird. But here goes..."
I study your face. You look like a pug, with your face all scrunched-up in a hesitant manner. It seems he fears asking me and what my answer will be. And then the words come out like vomit.
             "Listen. Remember how we used to talk a lot? You and I would text each other "Hey" and stuff back and forth. We would tell each other jokes and such? I would always send you those hilarious animojis and stickers and stuff. Lately I've been wondering about that. I don't know why. How come we don't talk like that anymore?"
Oh god. It's all coming back to me now. Those memories I stuffed away a long time ago. But he doesn't know that.
Feb 13

Rant For Valentines Day

        Right now I'm sitting on my bed at exactly 11:14 pm and I start thinking. I think about my day and how I had to go to my Abuela's funeral. I think about how it's really snowy and I can't believe the weather. I think about my sister and how she annoys me so much. and then I think about how it's Valentine's Day tommorow and how maybe not everyone in this world will get something or someone. Days like this get me thinking about how I am very fortunate to live with my parents. I have a beautiful house with heating and a bed. I have all the food I could need including more. And most won't get that. Ever.
Dec 03

My Truest and most loyal friend: A Tribute

I am 13, and I don't remember much from when I was a baby or toddler. But one of the things I do remember well was my best friend, Bailey. Bailey was always there for me. She was the most intelligent dog or animal I've ever seen. I remember that when I was in a highchair, she used to sit right under it, just waiting for me to drop food. And when we would leave food on the counter, when Bailey knew we weren't watching, she would jump up on the counter and "Gulp" eat it all up. She was really, really funny. I would be sitting in my house eating dinner, or doing homework at the table, and I would be facing my window to the deck. And all of a sudden I would see a flash of brown. Then I would keep watching, and it was the funniest thing. She would jump up and down, up and down, just like Donkey in the movie "Shrek". Oh, and she was crazy. But it was a good crazy. I remember there was one time, when we had a 6-foot or 7-foot fence, and she wanted out! So what did she do?
Oct 23

Beauty- The Missing Piece

For a lot of us, when we hear the word beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is appearance. Looks. Maybe even "Hot and What's Not" or "Teen Vogue". It's said that when we meet someone, we are automatically judged in the first seven seconds of the first impression. It's also been said that most of the judging is based upon how our bodies look, what clothes we're wearing, how we talk, how we walk, those types of things. So really, Will Rogers was right! "You never will ever get a 2nd chance at a good first impression" After that 7 seconds, the window closes. And then, its done. And, society will probably stay like this forever. All we need to do is change it. If you've ever seen the movie "Mean Girls", then I bet you know what people can be like. Actually, everyone's like this. No matter what age you are, everyone judges people on looks. There's a sort of unwritten law in the world that says, "You need to be pretty to survive or you'll fall to the bottom of the food chain.
Oct 21

"Why Me?"

A mother looked at her newborn daughter and wondered, "Am I ready to do this?" She asked herself, "Why Me?" The 5 year old, eating a popsicle and walking down the road with her parents, tripped, fell and split her knee on a rock. She asked, "Why Me?" When she was 9, she got in a fight with another girl at school and as the girl was sitting on the grass, angry and humiliated, she asked herself, "Why Me?" At 14, the girl spent most of her time dealing with bullies and mean girls. One day, she couldn't take it anymore. The girl ran home and as she sat on her floor thinking of suicide, she asked herself,"Why Me?" College passed, and she was sitting underneath a bridge when the man she loved came up and proposed to her. They got engaged, and she asked herself, "Why Me?" At 30, she asked herself exactly what her mother had asked so long ago.
Oct 14

The Cabin From Nowhere

Once there was a cabin, in the middle of nowhere. No one knew why it was there or what purpose it served. People came in and out of it. All of them came out with something different. Dark bags full of misery, objects that could bring pain, bottles and bottles of anger, and other things. They all had some type of emotion written on their face. I used to watch them as a little girl. I had always wondered what was inside that cabin. I wondered why for all those years my mother told me I could not go in. She said that even though I was curious, I could not. The closest that I ever got was to the door. I heard it calling me and I was tempted. I remember walking out of my house, a voice calling me. I got to the door and then my mother came an pulled me away. She yanked me so hard off the ground that I sceamed. Then she told me that no matter how old I was, no matter what happened I must never ever go in there. If I did, I would never be the same. I was her daughter and she knew me too well.