Other Walkouts around the U.S.

National School Walkout -- NYTIMES

Students gathered at Borough Hall in Brooklyn on Wednesday as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence. Credit: Annie Tritt for The New York Times

Here are portions of the NYTIMES story on the national walkout by high school students. The story was written By ALAN BLINDER and JULIE TURKEWITZ. Reporting was contributed by Julie Bosman, Sydney Ember, Anemona Hartocollis, Sean Keenan, Nick Madigan, Rick Rojas, Stephanie Saul, Nate Schweber and Kate Taylor.

In New York and elsewhere, students walked far and wide.

The first protests showed that the day’s demonstrations would unfold in different ways from city to city. In some cities, demonstrators chanted and held signs. At other schools, students stood in silence. In Atlanta, some students took a knee.

I am from...

I am from a country doctor and a dynamic mom who was eternally curious.
I am from conquering polio.
I am from a boarding school that warped my brain and made me realize that there was a group of people running the world that had so much money they didn't care and didn't see.
I am from going to college in the deep south where I played track with the first black athlete to ever be on the UNC varsity and a time when we went to meets in a bus, but the coaches got the food to take out, because they knew the black athlete would not be served if we went inside.
I am from 32 years in journalism where we gave a damn, worked our butts off and tried to right wrongs and expose corruption. 
And in those years I became what I was as a journalist because I worked with people who listened and helped.

Digital Story -- The Photo/Audio story

(A challenge for this resource: Elder Story)

This is an example of a simple audio photo story. The text is purposely not included so that you can listen to the story while looking closely at the photograph. YWP Founder Geoffrey Gevalt did this story in a relatively short span of time. First, he wrote a short essay about his uncle, Frank Glazer. He read it aloud and then did some editing. Then he decided upon the most important part, read it aloud several times and then recorded it withOUT looking at the text. That way he was able to get a more natural sounding voice.

He then added the music track -- a snippet from a 1968 recording by Frank of a piece by Eric Satie --  using the free (and wonderful) audio editing software, Audacity.  Notice that the playing gives an added depth to the piece. He adjusted the volume so the music did not overwhelm the words.
Audio download:

We Survived -- Youth Radio Piece + NPR interview Friday

UPDATE: Gabe and his Mom were interviewed Friday on All Things Considered on National Public Radio (the audio player button on the right) and we thought you might like to hear the interview. It's fascinating.

The Parkland Victims

Feb 27

Recent School Gun Incidents

In an effort to provide you with factual information about the recent school shooting events, YWP is compiling links to professional news accounts. Here is a listing. If you know of other important stories to include here, please add links to the comment section. Thanks. GG

St. Albans high school evacuated after shooting threat
vtdigger.org, Feb. 21, 2018
For the second day in a row a Franklin County high school closed early and sent students home in response to a threat of a school shooting.

Students were released just after noon on Wednesday from Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans, after the school received a note threatening a shooting at the school later in the afternoon, according to the St. Albans Police Department. ...

Feb 15

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Jan 26

Call for Writers! Deadline Feb. 23

This just in from YWP's pals, Jim Ellefson (poet extraordinaire) and Lesley Wright -- organizers of the Champlain College Young Writers' Conference:
Dear High-Stepping Daughters and Sons of the Word Road,

You are once again cordially invited to attend a weekend of writing workshops, craft sessions, and open mic at the CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE YOUNG WRITERS' CONFERENCE, MAY 25-27. Now in our eighteenth year, our doors are open to high school students who wish to share their passion for story, drama, and song with their writerly brothers and sisters—and with celebrated New England authors. We offer three days of readings, improv, Moth storytelling, poetry slams, literary jazz/blues fusion, and extended friendship on the hillside campus of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.