Jul 24

Line Break, Episode 42

Jul 19

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Jul 10

Line Break, Episode 41

Jun 26


like vanilla bean freckles on your cinnamon hands, i followed the constellations left by saffron strands. i drank lattes every morning when you were gone. i measured the coffee grounds and poured steaming water over the parchment, frothed milk and let it slip into a mug. i sprinkled nutmeg on top, added a stripe of caramel, maybe. honey or cardamom or sugar if i was feeling fancy. i held those mugs so gently, placed them so lightly on the wooden nightstand. like chamomile and rose petals steeped for hours, i stained myself with memories. of you, of driving in the middle of the night, of reaching for the moonlight even when it disappeared behind the dense clouds. i let you have my leather jacket. i stuffed notes in the pockets and waited for you to unfurl them like roses, yet you never sent a reply. i tell these stories to your ghost: the days when you were away, when the shadows came too quickly, when time and mugs fell from my hands as if i was made of feathers.

Jun 26

Line Break, Episode 40

Hi everyone! This week Treblemaker and I both wrote poems based on the prompt: what does cinnamon remind you of? In this episode, we talk about my poem, "cinnamon" and Treblemaker's poem, "Cinnamon," how we interpret prompts, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, coffee, associating smells with family members, and reflections of how we've changed since we last spoke in Episode 19
Also, I wanted to thank YWP again for allowing Line Break to be here for 40 episodes! I've had so much fun recording and I hope that you enjoy listening. 
- Iris

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Jun 12

Line Break, Episode 39

May 29

Line Break, Episode 38

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Sawyer Fell about their poem, "Exulansis," hidden meanings in poems, searching for the right words, reclaiming our power after toxic friendships, and Rudy Francisco and Sabrina Benaim (I've linked some of their spoken word pieces below).
I hope you enjoy this episode!

Here is "To The Girl Who Works At Starbucks" by Rudy Francisco (a really fun and beautiful love poem): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTL1yA2XJYI 
And here is "My Honest Poem," also by Rudy Francisco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDa4WTZ_58M
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May 15

Line Break, Episode 37

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Penelope about her story, "The Purple Flowers," writing down ideas even if they aren't amazing, Christmas trees, including the pandemic in writing, and stories speaking to different people. Also, sign up for the last Oh Snap! Online Open Mic of the school year on May 29th at 1pm EDT to share a poem or story and talk about all sorts of random topics, including writing! 
I hope you enjoy!

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May 01

Line Break, Episode 36

Apr 17

Line Break, Episode 35

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with ivyparks about her poem, "glistening sea glass hearts," blue cotton candy, writing about feelings, talking to strangers, Harry Potter and my big announcement, and Rainbow Rowell's books. Also, the next Oh Snap! Open Mic is April 24th at 1 p.m. EDT! Sign up if you'd like to join us for a very fun afternoon of reading poetry and sharing our thoughts on all different writing and book related topics!
I hope you enjoy!

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