Feb 26

Line Break, Episode 54: A Selfie

Hi everyone! Here is a special 'Selfie' edition of Line Break. This week, gg (YWP's founder and creator of amazing things- check out his work below!) spoke with me about my poem, 'Wrinkled,' feeling anxious about the future, being perfectionists and self-editors, the importance of collaboration and community, and making poetry available to all. 
I hope you enjoy this episode!
- Iris

gg's work: https://geoffreygevalt.com
Some hints and samples of gg's novel here: https://geoffreygevalt.com/hiramfalls
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Feb 12

Line Break, Episode 53

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Immy about her poem, "The Boy Across the Aisle," being spooked by airplanes, the lives of strangers, seeing people from other perspectives, keeping memory boxes, and experimental writing. 
Also, amaryllis and I will be hosting another Oh Snap! Online Open Mic on February 19th at 1pm Eastern, and we would love for you to join us! The sign-up link is under the YWP events tab - feel free to message with any questions!
I hope you enjoy this episode!
- Iris

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Jan 22

Line Break, Episode 52

Jan 01

Line Break, Episode 51

Hi everyone! Happy 2022! 
This week I spoke with gracebats about her poem, "Worlds," the multiverse and time travel, middle school, experimenting with poetry, taking inspiration from songs, and annotating books. Also, Oh Snap is returning on January 15th at 1pm Eastern! Sign up through the Events tab on YWP if you're interested in joining us for a fun afternoon of sharing poetry, stories, and random tangents!
I hope you enjoy!
 - Iris

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Dec 30


You always took Park Place,
cobalt tile weighted by your viridian buildings
and crimson hotels.
I stumbled over the borderlines and railroad tracks,
toppled over Baltic.
Wheelbarrow balanced on one side, you
skated seamlessly through the boulevards
and avenues. 
Reckless pass while garish notes gathered
under your corner,
neat, muted stacks lined up bill by bill. 
Alabaster hills sliding beneath the couch,
crumpled roseate you passed conceitedly
as I reluctantly traded tangerine trophies
and another accolade
for an arrogant –
I paid my dividend,
dissidence dismissed by
unofficial bank teller
who slickly slid gilded notes
under palms as you and I bickered
over ownership,
until a misstep cost you
your capital, and
I cheered gleefully
as you claimed bankruptcy
and I claimed Boardwalk.

Dec 30


i’m young & inconsolable.
i slip from your infinity-pool mind &
catch my toes on tiles while you skin an apple alive,
curved crimson rind turned to crumpled core.
i watch my mirror-self cry. o midnight mascara’d mess,
you ripped-pantyhose haikus-on-cocktail-napkins darling.

Dec 04

Line Break New Host Search

Hi everyone!

As you may know, I created Line Break in March 2020, right before the pandemic hit, and I’ve been producing episodes ever since. We just hit the 50th episode milestone, which is so incredible and makes me so happy! I love Line Break and all of the conversations I’ve had with you amazing YWP writers so much. It’s both exciting and bittersweet to announce that I will be handing the podcast over to a new host before I graduate in the spring.

If you love Line Break, YWP, writing, podcasts, and talking to people about these topics and much more, please send me a message through the site. I’d love to talk with you about Line Break and how it would work for you to host, plus any new ideas for changing things up! Ideally, you would also have some knowledge of audio editing/production, but if not it’s easy to learn. I would train you for a few weeks until you’re comfortable, and then you would take over.
Nov 21

Line Break, Episode 50, Part 2: Alumni Advice to YWP

Hi everyone! Here is the special "Alumni Advice to YWP" episode of Line Break! This week, I spoke with YWP alum (and Seattle Youth Poet Laureate!) Yellow Sweater about the college prep process, starting college early, taking classes that interest us, information sessions and college tours, getting involved in student organizations, having people support you, transitioning into adulthood suddenly, keeping writing and YWP in our lives, and upcoming milestones. 
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Nov 06

Line Break, Episode 50 Part 1

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Lizzy_Rights about her poem, "The Ten Most Beautiful Things," Hallmark movies, dogs versus cats, going through difficult times, finding similarities between ourselves and book characters, relating feminism to chess, and bullet journaling. 
I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to sign up for the next Oh Snap! Online Open Mic hosted by amaryllis and I on Nov. 20 at 1pm Eastern! Can't wait to see you there! :)

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Oct 23

Line Break, Episode 49