Dec 06


Oh, the ways that photographs lie.
A millisecond caught 
With frozen faces
And lying eyes.
A frame 
Of a faded memory
Yellow, old, and forever stuck
In a moment
Where you see
Everything but the truth.
The people it snapshots
Will always seem
Just Great!
Perfectly Okay!
Those people are quite 
Talented, in masking
Their monsters.
You know, the hungry
Terrifying beasts
That rage on and 
On inside us.
Instead, you see 
The perfect couples
The silly children
The carefree teens.
Oh, the ways that photographs lie.

Nov 26


Heart aching with sorrow
Slowing to a near stop
Restless and sad.
Shooting, powerful, wealthy pain
Knows its deceit and torture
Then smiles as you cry.
Senses the slightest fear
Dives at its victim
Claws latching on with precision.
Like a knife in your body
Twisting and waltzing 
Enjoying your suffering.
Thirsty for more success
Never to be defeated
By the scoff-worthy pills.
Disgusting to watch
Dauntless with control
Eager to show you its strength.
Shudders run through you
It just won't leave
That infinite squeeze of hurt.
Like death but less mortal
Everlasting and eternal
No escape for any or all.
Nov 26


Greedy yet selfless
Arriving at bad moments
Preparing for disaster.
So loud you can't hear
Powerful yet weak
Terrifying but terrified.
Hold your breath
Clatter, clatter!
Star of the show.
Here comes the news
Fragile, already broken
Alone, always near.
The words you'd rather not hear
Chasing you, catching you fast
Opening its mouth when you close yours.
Wait for the applause
The groans, the laughter
Wait for the call of your new chapter.
Time to listen:
Nov 26

Fairy Wings

Oh, how we wish
to be five
years old again,
before stress,
sorrow, popsockets
and Snapchat began,
when all we knew 
were fairy wings,
sparkly, pink, and
before we knew 
too well of 
broken hearts 
and lost friends,
when we thought 
that nothing could
break us,
that we could 
Oh, how we wish
to be five
years old again,
to see the world
so purely 
and happily
when we were
oblivious to everything
beyond our Barbies,
before dances,
restless nights,
makeup-smeared faces,
before tears created
from pain so deep
that we long
for Band-Aids 
and scraped knees
when life was kind,
and our fairy wings
pink, sparkly, and
were still so full
of promises,
that we thought
we could fly.
Oh, how we wish
to be five
years old again.
Nov 02


Sometimes I lie awake at night
Eyes wide with fright.
I know that nothing
Could be lurking nearby,
Under my bed 
Or nestled between my shirts
In my closet.
I know that that the shadows
Cast upon my wall
Are merely tree limbs
And house roofs.
I know that no creature
Big, small, short, tall
Will tiptoe across
My carpet floor
And attack me with its dirty claws.
I know that no nightmares
Will join me in my slumber.
There's nothing to fear,
It isn't even real.
I know that I'm okay,
That I'm safe and warm,
But still,
Most nights I lie awake 
Eyes wide with fright.
Nov 02

Wishing He'd Arrive

She is waiting
Holding her breath 
Wishing he'd arrive.
She lifts her teacup
Looking into its walls
Fighting sadness again.
She is holding back tears
Eyes downcast in fear
All hopes of happiness vanished.
Lost in memories
She is quiet
Where is he? 
She is leaving now
Her love long gone
Door swinging behind her.
She anxiously checks the streets
Is he just running late?
No, it's all so familiar.
She is falling
Apart in sorrow
He always forgets.
She is mourning
The promises made
Fading like the sun.
She looks to the right
Sees a path to follow
Then turns and walks left.
She is free. 
Aug 27


Time is a funny thing.
It shouts but does not sing.
It flies away like a little bird's wing.
Time is a tortured being.
Moves without anyone seeing.
Sneaks up without anyone hearing.
Time is a lost creature.
A man of all the features.
A life-long lesson teacher.
Time is a criminal.
It steals away all memorials.
Tricks innocents by taking just the minimal.
Time stops for no one.
It never starts and is never done.
Time never lost and has never won.
Time is a funny thing. 
It takes everything away with a simple 'ping'.
Time promises love, it promises a ring.
But when all that's left is time, 
Will time be all that's left?

Aug 27

The Girl In The Mirror

The girl in the mirror 
Stares back in fear.
Smudged eyes, tangled hair
She's been everywhere.
Streaks of mascara, makeup and tears
Running down her cheeks, past her ears.
The girl in the mirror
Stares back with a single tear.
She cries and cries
Wondering what's and why's.
The girl in the mirror
Stares back in fear.
She knows what she was,
And how she got here,
But how does she get back? 
I stare at my reflection in the mirror.
How do I get back? 

Jun 29


Every nation has met war face-to-face. Every nation has suffered in the time of war, lost so many lives, fallen and risen. Every nation has conquered and every nation has lost. Every nation has been in a place that they can't escape, locked in their own home. Every nation has been at war.

Thomas Mann once said, "War is a cowardly way to escape from the problems of peace." Which is true. When peace doesn't fit or work the way we want it to, we resort to war. This method clearly is not productive, helpful, or right, but still, still we fall back upon war to catch us like open arms. Still we put thousands of soldiers out there to risk and end their lives just so we don't have to face our own fears. Not many people stop to think about alternative ways to solve global issues, besides war. Besides dropping bombs and pulling triggers and sending fear and terror into every corner of every room. 
May 11


If you close your eyes, 
Shut them tight,
You'll hear it all.
The cries of joy,
The cries of sadness.
The laughter! Oh, the laughter.
You'll hear the children 
And the adults
Being Merry
But if you Listen,
Close your eyes,
Shut them tight,
You'll hear it all.
Anger, fear, frustration.
Mixed delicately with hope,
Listen, and you will hear it all.
Hear the pain,
The happiness,
The celebration,
The heartache.
Listen, and you'll hear it all.