Jun 27

Line Break, Episode 16

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with AvaClaire about her poem, "Dandelion Puffs on the Wind," watercolor and art supplies, appreciating things more, and what defines a poem. 
Also- I'll be posting new episodes every other week this summer, so Episode 17 will be out on July 11th. I have a lot of cool episodes planned and I'm looking forward to sharing them all!
I hope you enjoy!
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Jun 20

Line Break, Episode 15

Jun 14

tuesday, may 19th

like bruises, 
the sunken ships
sit under my eyes. 
treasure has long 
since been stolen,
gold doubloons 
counted and celebrated, 
in turn. 
heavy footsteps held
below my bottom lash line,
thick and obtrusive, 
forcing me to exist. 
they carry more secrets
than a best friend,
more than a journal,
more than the inside of a chocolate
bar wrapper. 
they are marking their space,
claiming the soft terrain 
of my skin
as their own,
claiming my eyelashes as 
their outer banks,
claiming my cheekbones as their foothills,
claiming my eyebrows as
their disastrous cousins. 
when i'm struggling the most,
they watch others, 
become more involved, 
have more words to utter.
they lean out the 
flower windows
and call to the little lines
lining up beside my mouth.
the lines feel intimidated-
Jun 14


i think i've been lying to myself lately. 
i said i wasn't afraid of the future,
of the open doors and chapter beginnings,
yet i stand in the pluvial dusk
and i know my words aren't true.
i know i've hidden my true feelings 
all elephants out of the shoe,
i'm afraid of failure.
i'm afraid of letting myself down,
because although i have low standards
for everyone else,
i have high self-expectations. 
i don't care what others think about me-
what matters is what i think of myself. 
so as i say,
fingers crossed behind my back,
that i'm not scared at all 
about who i'm going to be
as an adult,
and what i'm going to do
to stay alive
and be healthy
and be happy,
i know that beyond those flashy stickers,
i'm lying. 
words that drop with honey are always false.
i didn't have to look at the stars
to figure out the Tower card 
Jun 13

Line Break, Episode 14

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Frostbite about her poem, "Deep end," our pet peeves, writing about experiences, having siblings, and advice we would give to other writers. I hope you enjoy! Also, if there are any writing topics that you think we should talk about in the podcast, add them in the comments! I'd love to hear your ideas.
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Jun 06

Line Break, Episode 13

May 30

Line Break, Episode 12

May 23

Line Break, Episode 11

May 16

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May 09

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