Apr 04

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Apr 04

Line Break, Episode 4

Mar 30

stone arch

if i was a stone arch,
that little stone in the center
who holds everything together
would collapse
under the weight of
all the pressure i feel.
in second grade,
i write. i make
up stories about families
with lots of children and pets,
who live in huge mansions,
while i look out the window
of our apartment waiting
for the kids to come home on the school bus.
in sixth grade,
i’m now two years ahead of
everyone else.
i’m fitting the homeschooler
stereotype of “omg ur 16 & u have a phd!!”
but the next year i start fifth grade-
a step back or the right stone to add to
the arch so it all balances perfectly?
eight grade now. absolutely the worst
time of anyone’s life.
tell me about someone who was
actually happy in eighth grade and
i’ll give you one of my kidneys.
some friends stay,
almost all are changing
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Mar 28

Line Break, Episode 3

Mar 26

flaming hot cheetos/the guy i like

i shouldn’t like you.
every time we’re together,
i burn internally,
an inextinguishable flame
that grows and grows with
each moment,
an exponential enemy
that will not escape.
i really shouldn’t like you.
but when i leave you,
when we’re not together,
i feel pain like i never have before.
it’s the worst detachment that
could ever exist,
the worst form of loss
that only lives in my mind.
and i try to convince myself.
because, realistically,
i don’t need you.
i’m strong and
unique and i don’t have
to objectify something
to make myself feel more complete.
i love you.
yes, i’ve said it,
and i really do love you.
despite what anyone says,
and despite what symptoms
can’t be explained because they’re
figments of a smothered explosion,
i still love you.    
Mar 26


it seems like the reprise of my life.
all these days i’m pouring out my feelings
into word documents,
with some fancy title.dox
hoping that maybe this sequence of syllables
is the right one,
and maybe this metaphor is the perfect metaphor
and maybe if i just write one more
line with no capital letters
everything in my life will be better.
so remedy this sadness-
here, press tab and create a new stanza
for people to analyze.
it’s supposed to be abstract but i think
i might be lying to myself when i said
my poems aren’t about you and how much
i wish you were mine.
i said they’re about emotions, to make
them more universal, to make them more subtle,
to make them less about teenager girl struggles
between pink or purple scrunchies and
crushes on boys who either live across the country
or don’t smile back when we make eye contact.
Mar 21

Line Break: Episode 2

Mar 19

peter, where are you

how have you hidden this time around?
i will steal the car from the garage if it means
i’ll find your key ring somewhere on church st
because if ever there was a portal to heaven
it surely would exist under leunig’s where
the cherry French toast trails under every door
and the first breath in heaven contains
oregano, because there’s nothing more
heavenly than food cooked with delight
and i’m positively sure i saw you once
in the dim light outside of the restaurant,
facing the corner and looking mysterious
because it’s not right for a saint
to look bored in any way.
i almost called out your name but
i’m certain you would have pretended to not know me.
your hand would have hovered over the
key ring, and the one silver key that
never fits in door locks, that you claim
is just for a diary,
must be for the door that humans
spend their lives trying to reach.
Mar 14

Line Break: Episode 1

Mar 13

truth is

the truth is
i never wanted to say goodbye
i never wanted the sun to set
or the stars to appear amidst 
the darkness, i never wanted to
part ways. i never wanted 
to feel alone, i never
wanted to wish i wasn't
here. i never wanted you to 
forget about me. 
i never wanted the radio 
to stop playing jazz, 
i never wanted to close the piano lid. 

the truth is
i never wanted you to go into the dirt.
i never wanted you to cease being mine. 
i would offer you an apology, but i never
want to seem breakable.