Jan 13
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The Importance of Pronouns

He had soft brown eyes and a forgiving soul,
He had a hug that consumed me in warmth,
He had lips that curled up at the ends and dimples when he laughed,
He had a voice more comforting than Bon Iver records at midnight,
He wore recycled shoes, and a cross necklace,
He also wore embarrassment between our interlocking fingers,
He kept secrets within our late night walks and me dropping him off 10 feet before his house,
He lived in a white house which I would never seen from the inside, with the label girlfriend tattooed on my shoulder.
He left, because my existence was his skeleton in the closet,

She was afraid of what her parents would think.

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Jan 13
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Peace: A Concept

There are people falling from the sky,
The sight reflects in a child’s eyes,
Relief floods viewers as the smoke chokes out the picture,
And everybody is crying why,
And the child will never know what it was like to live in a world where people weren’t afraid to go outside.

Peace is defined as freedom from or the cessation of war or violence,
In my mind it means to walk through my school's hallways without fear,
It means not second guessing going to the movie theater,
It means trusting the kid in class with a crooked smile.

Peace is one of my favorite words,
But it has never fit quite right in my mouth,
The word peace has always seemed like America’s punch line of a bad joke.

And when I was young I was at ease,
Because they fought to keep peace within and the enemies out,
But I learned that was pretty tricky when the enemy was a young man with a gun.