Nov 01

My recent revelation

    Recently I have learned that emotions are a weak insignificant part of the human process. Recently I have decided to be devoid of emotions throughout the day and to just carry on without them. Life without emotions is neither good, nor bad, but just is. And I have become much more efficient in my needs and abilities. I am able to focus my mind in ways I never have been able to before. I may not be happy, but I am not sad either. The normal human life is full of negatives and positives. Mine now is filled withy none of the unnecessary needs or emotions that have stopped me from the things I care about, and I love it. I still smile at times when I can't help it, but I only notice the extremes.
Apr 29
fiction 0 comments challenge: Road

Dream Heroes

     I fell through the void, void of purple and lavender swirls. Wait, why am I here? What am I doing? Wait a second...  WHO AM I?
     I tumbled through the seeming infinite well for a couple minutes, wondering what it would be like when I hit the bottom, would I have all my memories? Or would I not even remember this moment? I pinched myself so hard I drew blood, testing to see if it was a dream, I didn't feel anything, but I didn't wake up either.
     Suddenly the void opened up and I was falling through a white substance, clouds! I remembered something!
     The clouds disappeared and I saw the ground below, wind whistling around me, blowing my hair back, I finally was able to right myself in the air, my belly facing downwards, the pressure on my face was incredible. I laughed out loud.
     Now, what happens when I hit the ground I thought, I wondered.
Apr 28


    "Finally! It is done!" said Professor Zinc Darmstadtium "The temporal transportermobile is complete!"
    Zinc had been working on the temporal transportermobile nonstop for about 60 years, and only recently had he developed the technology to complete it, he was now 80 years old, and he had finally done it. He had finally completed his life's work. Right now he stood in the very room he had worked so long, his infamous workshop!
    "That's great Darmstadtium." said Professor Lithium Protactinium just starting to wake up "You've completed your life's work!"
    Lithium was a co-worker of Zinc's. Before Lithium met Zinc he created an infinite power source, called the infinigenerator. Zinc, after hearing about his feat, teamed up with him just yesterday, and Lithium gave him the key to his success.
    "Lithium! You should sound more enthusiastic! Did you not just see me jump 8 hours into the future?" Zinc shouted.
Apr 28


I feel an emtyness in my chest
a one that I can't ignore
I feel increasingly more depressed
I can't have it go on anymore

A missing piece I cannot find
Something I left far behind

I have tried freindships
That will only make it numb
I tried distraction
But I can't get it under my thumb

I asked the smart man
he said, "let it be."
"It will be gone, you will agree."

I asked the wise man
And he laughed at me
"Your missing something, that I see."

I look far and wide
The whole time
I could not hide
from that hole in my chest
deep inside

Theres something missing I can tell
But when I ask
It's just an echo in a well.
Sep 07


    "Whoa." I say as I wake up and look around "Where am I?" I was propped up against a tree overlooking a small pond with some strange fish floating above the water, I didn't remember if that was supposed to happen or not, I decided it was regular since it's clearly what was happening, but I still didn't feel right about it.
   "Where am I?" I repeated.
   Suddenly a small squeaky voice spoke right into my ear "Right HERE Toby, I thought you would have figured that out by now."
   I rolled to my feet, almost rolling into the pond, and looked at where I was just standing, but no one was there.
   "On your shoulder Toby." I slapped my shoulder
   "I would say your other shoulder, but I don't want to get squashed." the chirpy voice said again, I realized the voice wasn't so much in my ear than in my head.
   "Who are you?" I asked
   "I'm Asberus." It said "Nice ta meetcha!"
Sep 06
fiction 0 comments challenge: Stars


    Jonathan Sims ran out of the front door of his house, smiling and laughing, his mother yelling at him to 'get back inside the house this instant'. Jonathan ignored his mother and ran barefoot through the newly tall spring grass, he dashed into the forest, over the brook, his feet making hollow thudding sounds as he crossed the small makeshift bridge his dad had built before the divorce, an alarmed frog jumped into the water nearby, he ran for a little while before he got to his lopsided tree house.
    He climbed up the twelve foot latter and pulled it up to make sure his mother couldn't get up, just in case she was following him (which she wasn't, she was glooming in the living room right now, typing her latest novel on her laptop), Jonathan started reading the graphic novels his mother had bought him a year or two ago, and then stashed up here in the tree house, and glanced out the window, then he saw it, the sunset was beautiful.
Sep 04

Coby the fly S1 Ep1: Charles

    I sat on the fat, fragile, anique, china buda on the counter of the vietnamese resteraunt, named "Vietnamese Resteruant", in vietnamese, nice, very creative name, right?
    This is my favorite spot in the whole resteraunt, partly because the potted plant on the other side of the counter is taken by charles.
    Oh yeah... I'm a fly.
    Suddenly Phillip, my best freind (not that theres many flies to choose from, theres only five of us) flew down and landed beside me.
    "Coby," Oh yeah, thats my name "The woman over there just bought pa-ti."
    "Really? Nice!" I replied
    We waited until she put her fork down, and then started flying towards the remains of her pa-ti.
Dec 08
fiction 0 comments challenge: Rules


      I am homeschooled, my mom has just made the new rule that I have to use a prompt every single day for the rest of my homeschooling, I do not like that and I think that I should write whenever I want, not that I don't like to write, why else would I be here right now? Its just that I don't like people telling me to write, its wrong.
      also don't get the wrong idea, I like prompts too.
                         sincerely, Face.
Dec 04


      Suyai swam in a sea of darkness, a voice he recognized from long ago called to him from the depths of the abyss.
      “It’s all wrong.” the female voice said.
      “Nothing we’re doing is going to change the war.”
      “This clan’s not getting anywhere in this war.”
      suddenly an image flashed  in Suyai’s mind, a figure ran into the darkness in front of him, leaping animal, with a red coat and three bushy white tipped tails.
      Suyai’s own voice rang in his head
      “Don’t go, don’t go.”
      the figure and the animal ran around an invisible corner and disappeared.
      he felt someone tap him on the shoulder, he turned around quickly but all he got was a glimpse of red hair disappear through the darkness.
      Suyai opened his eyes, he sat up and looked around.
Nov 22


      Have you ever wondered if this world is just a test? like you are actually part of a different sivilisation, and all of this is just a test, they hook up your mind, and then your sent for a journey, to test your motives in a completeley different world, but in your real world, the whole thing only takes seconds.
      If that was the case, when I woke up I would be really embarassed.

      Or... maybe this is some sort of video game. You play and when you die you return to your world and figure out your scores.
      In that case I would think that playing a that game was a total wast of time.

      Lets just hope this isn't the case.