Nov 27

Stay with me (poem 1 in series)

Stay with me, my precious child,
Never let the hateful wile
Away long held dreams and hopes
They try bind with chains and rope.

Stay with me, my precious child,
And your face will always smile.
Listen not to those who bate
You into feeling all their hate.

Stay with me, my precious child,
For your heart holds thoughts so mild.
Feel the kindness overflow
For the Kind, peace only know.

Stay with me, my precious child,
Never let doom strike you vile;
For the weak are those who shove,
And the strong are those who love.

Stay with me, my precious child,
I know this world can seem so wild,
But that’s why you have to stay,
Else the future holds dismay.

Stay with me, my precious child,
You must stand before your trials.

Nov 20

Dearest Damned

Dearest Damned whose heart swore soon be it sold,

        Ancient secrets demand their lore is told.         
Abhor my broken trust and broken faith;                 
Beware, else let your life be void of Grace.                 
Witness the Devil’s Knights of drear-rimmed dread;         
Leave chains of pain to weigh upon the dead.  

           Each morning meets the fraud, claimed healing, fail     
To defeat the screams of liv’d souls who wail.             
’Til one can never hide from sight that death,             
Be the one escape from life’s burned out breath. 
This world - at best - be culled for Cruelty’s creed:
Those born to hearts of hope are taught to heed,
For few can comprehend compassion’s call.

Signed, she singed by the rope that binds love’s fall
Nov 16

On the Banks of the River Styx

Charon: Thou mortal of utter hubris, you dare stand before me, Charon, deliverer of souls, and demand thou be exempt from my laws? Of what consequence to me is thy passage, or lack thereof? Thy body hath abandoned you, thy life hath fled, and thy relations hath forsaken thee: left without a coin. So tell me, oh great hero of the world, what claim have you to arete? What claim have you to kleos, thou who is so clearly dispensable?

Warrior: Oh My Gods, do we have to have this conversation every time? Your memory isn’t what it used to be, Charon. I’ve been trying to cross this river, since ya know, I got eaten. It’s 2018, and things have changed: Love is love, EmpowHER, and the likes. Oddly enough, walls are making a comeback too, I guess they didn’t learn from Troy. Look, the point is no one gets buried with a coin anymore, just FYI. Have you noticed your lack of business lately? Yeah, that’s because no one believes in you anymore.

Nov 15

Run Away (poem 2 in series)

Run away with me, my child,
Once upon a time so mild,
Come and hear my ways of hate
We shall spread throughout your days.

Run away with me, my child,
To a world where there’s no trials,
For the ones who dole out pain
Will be only us in name.

Run away with me, my child,
Come to hear the call of wild
Where the only best survive,
And the ones like us shall thrive

Run away with me, my child,
For they think we’ve been beguiled
Into trusting kindness fraud,
For it pays in kind we’re taught.

Run away with me, my child,
And we’ll rule them all the while.
They may tell us we are cold,
But we know that we’re just bold.

Run away with me, my child,
For its best that you be vile.
Nov 14

Hide Away (poem 3 in series)

Run astray little girl and hide away
Your heart- for devils dwell in shade and light
looking with thirst and thorns to play.  

Run astray little girl and hide away
From here- hide far away from here: where nights
Are could and fierce, and never rises day.

Run astray little girl and hide away.
So frail and fraught with faith, I see you fight
As you lose hope; the price Innocence pays.

Run astray little girl and hide away.
Soon dreams, marked with failures, give rise to spite,
Which pray upon your youth and joy filled days.

Run astray little girl and hide away,
Lock away, chain away- your love. Hold tight
Away those who seek, for they reap but pain.

Run astray little girl and hide away
Where the hopeful rule and kindness is might,
Take me by the hand and we’ll run- away.

Nov 09

Letter to an Angel

Photographer: Family friend 

Though death doth depart us and pain doth pry,
Eternity pleads pale before this heart;
My love for you will break the bounds of time.

My love, my angel dear, my eyes will cry
An ocean whose tears ebb, but never part.
Though death doth depart us and pain doth pry.

You were meant to never leave, never die,
Never fade. Immortal in death and start,
My love for you will break the bounds of time.

And as I think, write, love these words I cry;
Neither words, nor stars, my love can impart,
Though death doth depart us and pain doth pry.

I would doom the Earth and who on her lie
To lay rest Atlas, so sky kisses dirt.
My love for you will break the bounds of time.

Oct 28

Starling on the Wire

Look upon the twisted wire – 

The one that's filled with burn – 

Blackened not by flaming fire 

But rather star of birds. 


The cry of startled Hearts who beat, 

The whir of fleeing Wings,  

And all but one lone bird has flown- 

To darken light – like screams.   


One little starling still remains – 

Who fled the fleeing – flood.  

The fear that caused the birds to feign   

The unison of One. 


Oh, little Bird who shuns the Sky – 

What horrors have you seen? 

They numb you to the fears that hide, 

So change you will not heed. 


Or are you caged in Loneliness?  

The knowing – that all else  

Shall not Your presence know nor miss – 

With not a soul to help.   

Oct 28

Maud Gonne

Why should he plague her with so many days 

Of unrequited desperate love, which took  

Away her fate? He became Zeus of Rape, 

So she became Leda of Hands that Shook  


With rage at having her pride forsaken,  

And her memory turned a supporting role 

In the widening gyre of his fame. 

Was there no other Helen to cause such woe?   
Oct 28

At the End

They laid me down on a bed of memories: 

Each one distorted by dust and desire.  

When the dust had cleared, laying there on fire 

Is my memory and my legacy. 


And when the flames shake hands with death and doom  

And disperse among clouds of desolation,   

A swan sits upon ashes of creation  

Feathers untouched, seated within a tomb.  


Oh how shattered hopes embraced shattered dreams.  

How aspirations drowned in expectations,  

And left her feathered head to lamentation  

On how the dead greet death sooner than may seem. 


They shun her now on a bed of shied from vows:  

Her feathers sheer and transparent as glass. 

She burned. She left no shell. The Sky of topaz  

Is all that rests upon her ashes now.  
Oct 28

The Folly of Love

A heart beats on with a rampant drumming, 

then drawls its death notes, for the beast is coming. 

The wings that flew on winds to Storm Clouds crests; 

Broken, have curled upon the wounded’s chest. 


The fiend who stole innocent lives away 

Lives on to steal from hope in future days;  

Yet despite the hearts that she has stolen 

In my love blinded eyes, her’s is golden.