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Apr 21
in non-fiction 0 Comments challenge: Lucky
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Lucky Number

The county fair was doing a giveaway. Two bikes. About two hundred people. Low chances.
       Three numbers go by no person to go with them and win. The fourth goes to a kid named Jude. Then three more numbers go by no one to go with them.
        The next number is called. Seven four one two four three. My number.

       That day was the only day I ever won a raffle. Ever. Seven four one two four three. Thats my lucky number.
Mar 10
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Why does it have to be like this?
Soldiers keeping watch at the bay.
Muslims dying every day.
People bullied because they're gay.
During the summer, americans get to take in rays, while africans have to walk for days.
Why does it have to be like this?
Feb 25
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Because of the Rebels

Chapter 1

I am one of a group of eight rebels sent to retrieve a statuette of Saheeli Rye, a very powerful wizard who has sided with the rebels.

The statue is like a voodoo doll. It was made for the ruler of Kaladesh, a huge city in the middle of the country of Ghirapur.To complete this mission we will have to get to the very center of the city, where the statue and many others like it are kept. But that means getting through the Inventor’s Fair. It is a month-long event where inventors can showcase their inventions through competitions, sales, and arena fights for weapons. It is probably the biggest event in Ghirapur.

The rebels are against our new ruler, a human, who proposed confiscation of inventions made by Vedalken and Aetherborn, two races that haven’t been discriminated against in eons.
Jan 27
in fiction 2 Comments challenge: It
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It changed everything if I hadnt turned that corner that day I never would have met him.
My friend Micheal gave me his fortune.
I never was very well off on the monetary scale.
He just died from a heart attack.
But it turns out he left me most of his fortune.
I met on the street corner that day.
He was a game programmer.
It changed everything.
Jan 20
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What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy about my home state Vermont,is that it was one of the few states that Hillary won.
What makes me proud about my home state is that we are the only state that did not have a police shooting of a African-American person.
My home state is little. My home state is fun.
My home state is awesome.
Jan 04
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The Balloon Race

What a day for a race.
   No wind, no rain,no weather.
   It,s the final race. There are three balloons left.
   And there off.
   After two hours of exciting balloon racing.
   Now is the final challenge.
  You see this isnt just a race, its an obstacle course.
    Well, if you can call trying to avoid being shot down by a shotgun a obstacle.
Anyway this race has been going on for 55 years. Nobody has survived.
   We'll see what happens.
Nov 12
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I needed to write something really fast so here goes.

I am the deer.
I have to cross the road.
I wish my hearing was better.
Okay I think I'm safe.
The coast is clear.
I get to the yellow lines before it hits me.
I realize I left my pile of sticks on the other side of road
Then it hits me, the car I mean.
Nov 11
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Is this what America stands for?
Is Trump a mirror image of the American people?
I don't think so, because Hillary Clinton got more votes.
I agree with nothing Trump has said except that NAFTA and the TPP are horrible.
Jobs are leaving the USA, but we are not going to be able to do anything because he has no idea what he is saying.
Is this what we stand for?
Nov 10
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More Unfinished Conference Piece

I live on a lake next to a bunch of young people. They play so much music. I can hear it pounding inside.
I'm 100 hundred years old imagine that.
So, my ears are sensitive.
I' m an old person so I talk a lot.
Do you like the Cubbies. I like the Cubbies. Ha ve you ever eaten calimari. I know
Somebody who eats ham and butter sandwiches. Gross, right. I'm just going to keep talking.I love talking.
My kids never visit . I do'nt like them. All they do is look at there screens all day and usually it's innappropiate shows like
Futurama and Family Guy.
 Did you ever see the blues brothers.
It came out a few years ago.Man, I'm getting tired.

Nov 07
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Untitled Conference Story

Perhaps it was the clams.The king died yesterday.He started throwing up then just died.
   I am a page. Those  nasty warmakers probably poisoned him.
   I say it was them.
Now we need a new king.
He never had kids so I'm 23rd in line.
It will be his cousin.
But his cousin is awful.He's like the Trump of our country.
Are country's main commidity are clams.
Now because he died because of clams.We'll probably have to find another thing to sell.
Hmm,  I wonder what that black liquid is.