Mar 29

Yellow House

            Inspired by a painting by George Bellows
Windows are round, dew on the ground.
Silence encroaches, poison kills roaches.
Cellar door open
Leading to beautiful opportunity
The hills are alive,
With sound of bird music
A giant pit gapes,
A gateway to a world below
Rosebushes blossom, as this odd world beckons.
Nov 12

Printing Poem

We rub the fabric

with flat pieces of wood

until the thick, black ink sticks to the fabric,

and makes a print.
We peel the fabric of the linoleum,

to see our creation,

and what we have to improve.
Is it inked too much?

Is it inked too little?

Do you need to rub harder?

Do you need to rub less?
Then, the prints are moved

upstairs, to be painted.

Bright red, gold, cool blue, and

my favorite, so-called ubiquitous blue.
You paint into a part where there is supposed to be

a different color.
You have too much paint on the brush, so it is the wrong shade

of whatever color you're painting. And then, after three hours,

you're finally done. You get to go home.

Do whatever you want. Then

next Thursday, you come back

to do more. Constant and repeating. A circle of printing.

Nov 12

Ode To Fall

After the farmers have quit for the season.
After the frost has formed and snow has fallen.
Bare-branched maples overlook a frozen pond.
There are humans on this pond.
Creative humans. Young humans.
Artists, writers, musicians and cooks.
The snow-covered ground is there canvas.
A canvas that's untouched and unblemished.
And these people are ready to paint it.
Sep 15

Screenplay- House of the Scorpion

Dark Chemistry Lab, liquids and tubes everywhere.

                  LISA-It's ok.
                  EDUARDO- How can it be okay?
                  LISA- The cells were frozen over a hundred years ago, they can't be as healthy as ones taken yesterday.
                  EDUARDO- Whoa, that long?
                  LISA- But some of them should grow  
Eduardo looks at embryo, and starts speaking.
                  EDUARDO- You hold my life in your hands little one.
Black Screen
Apr 28

Deleted Post

Apr 28

Animal House R

                Animal House   R

Genre: Comedy

Director: John Landis

Description: The Dean of Pennsylvania college trys to expel a fraternity from the school but the wild fraternity is determined to not let that happen.
Animal House is a satirical look at life in a fraternity.  But the movie has open nudity, and a lotof alcohol consumption including a memorable scene in which Bluto, one of the students drains an entire bottle of whiskey in about ten seconds. So certainly not a movie to show to your kids. Except if your my dad.

Rating: 7.4 out of 10
Apr 21

Lucky Number

The county fair was doing a giveaway. Two bikes. About two hundred people. Low chances.
       Three numbers go by no person to go with them and win. The fourth goes to a kid named Jude. Then three more numbers go by no one to go with them.
        The next number is called. Seven four one two four three. My number.

       That day was the only day I ever won a raffle. Ever. Seven four one two four three. Thats my lucky number.
Mar 10


Why does it have to be like this?
Soldiers keeping watch at the bay.
Muslims dying every day.
People bullied because they're gay.
During the summer, americans get to take in rays, while africans have to walk for days.
Why does it have to be like this?
Feb 25

Because of the Rebels

Chapter 1

I am one of a group of eight rebels sent to retrieve a statuette of Saheeli Rye, a very powerful wizard who has sided with the rebels.

The statue is like a voodoo doll. It was made for the ruler of Kaladesh, a huge city in the middle of the country of Ghirapur.To complete this mission we will have to get to the very center of the city, where the statue and many others like it are kept. But that means getting through the Inventor’s Fair. It is a month-long event where inventors can showcase their inventions through competitions, sales, and arena fights for weapons. It is probably the biggest event in Ghirapur.

The rebels are against our new ruler, a human, who proposed confiscation of inventions made by Vedalken and Aetherborn, two races that haven’t been discriminated against in eons.

The rebel base is just outside the city of Kaladesh.

Chapter 2
Jan 27
fiction 2 comments challenge: It


It changed everything if I hadnt turned that corner that day I never would have met him.
My friend Micheal gave me his fortune.
I never was very well off on the monetary scale.
He just died from a heart attack.
But it turns out he left me most of his fortune.
I met on the street corner that day.
He was a game programmer.
It changed everything.