Sep 01


Aug 31

latte lips.

Her lips were like
a latte
sweet foam and 
like a new
book, pages crisp
and new,
sticky fingers 
lightly caressing 
Her cheeks, tinting
Them rose
and as her
eyelashes fan 
out against her 
face, I can see
my future,
wrapped in those 
latte lips.
Aug 31


How does one
find a garden untouched,
no flowers plucked,
by lonely children?
no plant left
unwatered by the sky?
No human skin slowly
melting the wings of
a new born butterfly.
A place that is so ethereal 
that in my mind
i cannot even picture it,
when I am able to 
picture my own 

Aug 29

when i finally mean something

i feel like i belong inside my notebook,
i feel like its the only place that holds me 
instead of hostage.
i feel the black inked letters gently caress me 
and lull me to sleep.
and there is a moment,
right before my
mind goes blank,
that i feel like i have a place where
i belong,
where i can lead my own rebellion against
my mind.
Aug 27

A Single Night

Aug 27


she rides on her 


tracing her heart as 

it beats to

the footsteps of her 


she never falters,

an untouched passion

threatening to burn her 

from the inside out—

turn her into a star,

made to supernova into something 

no one has seen before 

and that is the beauty 

in her insanity. 
Aug 25

forest girl

Aug 21

i am too afraid

i am too scared to be part of the drama club.
though i know when i see the musical in fall, 
i will sing along in my head and wish i was up there.

i am too afraid to show my notebook,
my little scraps of ideas and thoughts.
though i know they'd make a good story.

i am too scared to play soccer,
my short and stiff body would be too slow.
though i know i would love the team.

i am too scared to sing.
my voice not comparing to the radio.
though i am happiest when i do.

i am too scared to be a part of something.
to be vulnerable.

i am too scared to ask for a place,
so instead, i just sit and wait
for someone to hand me a spot.
though i never expect it.

i hate myself too much to go to writing events,
to bleed my heart in frontront of people
who may think nothing but a mess of it.
(though deep down i know they wont)
Aug 19


Aug 18