Jun 22

Borrowed Sweetness.

Her lips are red,
Borrowed sweetness
From my own. 

Her mouth leaks smoke,
From her lungs,
Limp cigarette hanging from her 
Red lips,
Borrowed sweetness. 

I remember the day
I tried to tell her that
they’d kill her. 

She just laughed,
Saying that
That was the point. 

To die slowly 
But painlessly. 

Until the end,
When it all crashed down,
And she faded out.

With nothing but a 
Burning cigarette 
Between those red lips,
Borrowed sweetness. 

Jun 17


Jun 14


Jun 14


Jun 14


Jun 05

I Bought A Life

I bought a life online,
It shipped in two days,
I bought happiness from a doctor,
In the form of orange bottles,
I bought a friend from my mother,
I never see her anyway
And I sold it all to you,
In exchange for a beating. 
May 27


Her eyes softly close,
Her lips are red and bitten raw
From hours of debating with herself.
She runs a finger slowly over her bottom lip,
Trying to remember how he had felt.
The mirror she looks into reflects her image
but is cracked in places,
the kind of broken that isn't
The kind of broken that is
May 16


May 15

W h y

Why am I sad when my favorite color is yellow?
Why do I hate country music when I love playing acoustic guitar?
Why do I hate who I am, when I am made from the people I love?
May 15


'No' comes out of my mouth, rolls off my tongue ten times a day.
And all of this is true— but, why couldn't I say no to you.
I don't think you gave me that option,
And now I am ripping at the seams.