Nov 29
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Christmas Time

A: It’s the holidays, lay your work at rest

B: I hear the birds, their leaving, it is time!

A: It’s the holidays, stop, you aren’t the best.

B: We must get out the old holiday chimes,

B: I hope it works, it’s the last, final test.

C: Get this thing out of the sink, oh it’s a dime!

B:  Someone get the food started, with lime zest!

C: Someone, we need some more ripe and fat limes!

C: We need some holly, don’t take the down the nest!

D: We need to clean the truck! It’s all full of grime

C:  We need to complete, this hard and fun quest!

D: Oh, will you please stop that dangerous climb!

E: I can see it, through the window, it’s bright

E: We must hang the long, and colorful lights.

Nov 29
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The Oddest, Most Randomest Day

A: Pandas eat bamboo, Muskrats eat balloons.

B: March is my birthday, it has lots of snow

A:  Sit in some puddles, it feels like lagoons.

B: I do garden work, with a big old hoe

B: Forks and Knives are alike, and then there’s spoons.

C: I have rules, follow them, don’t you dare blow

B: I play bells, and you do sax, it needs tune.

C: Please, I shall ask once, for you NOT to throw!

C: You are a kid, and you aren’t a baboon.

D: Annoying bird, stop crowing, you darn Crow!

C: In night time, tonight, there is a full moon.

D: I have found it, the moon’s shining, bright glow!

    E: I hope you to be happy, please, just once

E: I shall count, once or twice, but wow, great bunce!

Nov 28
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How Stars Were Created

It was in mid summer, and the blue, green, and yellow sky shone brightly. The sun made it hard for a fox to go outside. Her name was Chloe. During the day, she had to go into her burrow.

There was once an adventurous Squirrel named Mia. There was also a possum, who was very helpful, his name was Adrian.

In the forest, Mia was lost in the pitch black of night time. “HELP ME PLEASE!” She cried. There was no stars, no lights. We need some sort of light. Candles? She thought. She had a candle at home, but in the cold it would go out. She bumped into a tree. “Ugh.” She complained.

Hours later, the sun was up high in the sky. Mia was still looking for her home when she spotted Chloe walking up to her.  She was walking with her eyes closed. She was very aware of the possum dangling right over her. A droplet of drool fell onto her head. Then Chloe bumped into her.

“Hey!?” Mia said too loudly because Adrian was still above them.
Nov 27
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Winter Fun

As snow falls gently,

         The kids play softly.

               The parents watch curiously

                       Their dogs romp in the snow,

                               Chasing the birds,

                                      The birds wings

                                             Were beating frantically.

                                                     Causing a lot of


                                                                       In the





Nov 27
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The Magical Wardrobe

One day, when Julian was getting dressed in her wardrobe, she heard a weird sound  or voice.

“ Who is it?” asked Julian in a scared voice.

“It is I, the famous Dr. Mcfario!!”  said the voice.

“Um, can you get out for a second, because I am not wearing any clothes.” said Julian.

“Oh sure.” said Dr. Mcfario. So the doctor stepped out of the room and waited. A couple minutes later, Julian came out wearing an orange dress, with yellow polkadots and an orange headband.

“You’re matching today.” said Dr. Mcfario.

“Thanks.” said Julian in an unappreciative voice.

“Where did you come from?” asked Julian.

“Your wardrobe.” said Dr. Mcfario in an annoyed voice. He was annoyed because Julian talked to much.

“So are you saying that my wardrobe is magical?”  asked Julian.

“Y-E-S!” said the doctor spelling out the letters. “Alright, alright.” said Julian.
Nov 27
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The War Of The Turkeys

    “Help, help! The Pilgrims have invaded Asia!” Robert yelled.

The time stopped around the screaming turkeys.

“Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there! My name is Merlin, the sorceress of my flock. I only have a little longer until the spell to stop time runs out. But in this time, there is a great war going on. It is the war of the thanksgiving turkeys!”

And at that last word, the spell gave up and the screams of terror from the hunters and turkeys returned!

    “Gerold, get over here now;” Robert ordered his son.

“Was it you or your sister Gwen that shot the flamed pumpkins?”

“Hi, papa,” Gerold said to his dad as he came out of the raging war. “Actually, it was me and Gwen!” Gerold said happily.

    Time stopped. Out of nowhere, Merlin appeared. after he adjusted to his surroundings, that moment of time stopped again.
Nov 27
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On Saturday, 1997, there was a boating accident. This is what happened.

“We are going fishing, son. I will teach you how to fish in a boat. Not on land. And there will be a storm today to. So it will make it  lot harder to fish.” Dad said.

“I don’t want my first fishing trip to be in a storm though.” said Michel.

“You will change your mind, son.” said Dad.

“And I don’t want to hear you complain, young man.” said Mom flatly.

When they make it to the boat, the storm has already started.

“It’s time to get in the boat. Don’t be scared.” said Dad.
Nov 27
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The Dull Grass

The dull grass sways

side to side

The crow looks at the swaying grass


The grass was so lonely

Because of its color

The crow floats down and talks to the grass

The grass smiled

He hadn’t smiled in years

He has made a friend.
Nov 27
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The Sugar Factory Mystery

One day while Sunny, a girl who worked in the sugar factory and her brother Sammy, who also worked at the sugar factory, were working at the factory when a loud sound came from around the corner. Sunny shut of the gumdrop dropper and went over there. Sammy shut off the tootsie roll dropper, too. “Hey, Allie, was that your candy cane dropper?” Sunny asked. “No.” Allie replied. Sunny and Sammy walked up the little slope in the factory, to Daniels lollipop dropper. “Hey Daniel, was that sound your dropper?” Sammy asked. “I don’t think so. Try Alex’s chocolate bar dropper. That makes loud sounds when she puts them in the hardening section.” Daniel told the two. “Thanks!” Sunny said cheerfully. “No problem.” Daniel smiled. “Bye!” Sammy said to Daniel. “Bye!” Daniel said happily. So, the two walked straight, bumping into Marven. “Oh, hi Marven!” Sunny said in her bright tone. “Hi!” Marven said, really excited. “Hey, was that your chocolate egg dropper that made that sound?” Sunny asked.
Nov 27
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The Beach Shop

The sun was shining over the sea of Palm Springs, California. I live in a cabin by the sea.  My name is Livian. I am a 25 years old. I like to read. My hair is brown, with bright green eyes, and a nice smile. I love to go to the park.  

I work at a shop called The Beach Shop. I sell Coconut water, Sparkling water, and Tropical water. I sell grapes, papaya, mango, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peaches, bananas and cherries. My daily special is called the Fruity Tuity. It is a berry salad. The Fruity Tuity is made out  of raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and mango. With a small coating of sugar.  I invented the Tropical water. It contains coconut and pineapple juice.