Apr 20
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Too many

Too many nights 
at midnight 
in fake fairy lights 
wrappers and skin.

too many tears 
pictures of broken glass 
screams soundless 
in an open mouth. 

too many nights 
thinking of 
too many days 
wishing for whiskey.
Apr 02
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In a world of Rain and Black Boxes

Apr 01
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Bloody Feathers

Bloody feathers stick
To my feet.
I walk with iron
In my spine with blood
Crying from my ripped flesh.
Dripping from where
I cut the wings
Out of my soul.

They grew with each time
I loved.
Breaking the walls
When my heart stopped growing.
Hitting my ribs
When I sobbed for the
Love taken from me.

I walk with
Feathers and blood
On my feet
My wingless soul
Between my fingers.
Mar 28
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Am I just a body?

Under layers
Of steel and
Betrayed flesh
Traps the young girl

Who loves
With body, soul, and mind,
The girl who
Giggles and writes
In names and hearts

The key to my flesh
Was taken by
One of the boys
Who laughed,
Walked away,
“ You thought I loved you.”
Mar 26
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When doves Cry by: Prince

you told 
me to never
cry again,

but i am sorry 
today hs been rough
hard without you

You told me about 
doves and their wings 
Now I can tell you about

how doves cry
always in purple rain
just like our mother

you were just like our
father, maybe that's why
the doves cried.  
Mar 26
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How do I lose you?

every misstep,
late arrival
forgotten word

my heart stops.
gear grind, breaking metal
steam burns my fingers
turning bloody, trying to hold
it all
Keeping you

do you mom
know, that
I know?

that death
is the possible
reason for my fears, my rage
of not knowing
if I'll see
you whole, alive

Mar 21
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Foreign Lover

there is a lust
to the  way, words leave your lips 
when you speak
I fly over the oceans
and see the satin 
we would lie in 
to stare at the stars.

when you stare at me
I think to hide 
but there is nowhere 
to go so I think
about your beauty.   

maybe one day 
I can speak 
Knowing that 
you  truly did love me 
even when oceans away. 
Oct 11
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I wish to exhale 
my soul 
like cigarette smoke 

pulling everything in,
to the very bottom 

letting it go 
opening up, letting,
the bird from the cage 

free, finally 

Oct 11
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My feel curls at the edges 
of the earth 
oblivion holds my back 

breezes tickles my hair 
swaying me in a waltz.
distances apart are 
familiar faces 

laughter travels in whispers 
towards me, tears 
wetting my cardboard heart 

the words leave me 
in a whisper
letting oblivion catch me  
uncurling my feet 
goodbye   Travels out,  distances 

Oct 11
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Make it simple 
for me please 
all I know is extreme 

about me 
is simple 

I don't see
I feel the leaves falling 

I don't notice
the water. I am the water 

so please make it 
simple for me 

my mind is pulling
towards insanity