May 19
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Social Anxiety

I see her coming over to me with a smile on her face.
Oh no. Is she going to make small talk with me?
Here we go...
What am I gonna say?
Does she know me?
Do I know her?
Does she see the sweat pooling down my face?
Does she notice my hands shake?
Can she see me trying to end the conversation?
Does she not care?
Does anyone care?
May 10
poem 1 comment challenge: Unsaid
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"I love you"

"I love you."
Three little words that were said too late.
I waited too long.
I thought you would be around forever.
You left thinking I hated you.
I loved you more than life.
I love you more than my life.
What is "my" life without you anyway?
You were all I had.
You are all I want.
You are all I need.
May 04
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Apr 27
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This house was home to my adolescence,
It was built upon my immaturity.
Yellow paint to represent freedom, 
Or at least what I thought it to be.
We left this house in '01,
Never having a chance to look back.
Admiring it now, I finally know,
That this is the thing we lack.
Apr 07
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Mar 29
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When someone you love dies, no one else can tell you how to feel.
Nobody can tell you when you will be done hurting.
Hurting does not end, it is infinite.
Grief doesn't have an expiration date.
Mar 24
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It's all lies

And just like that, she was gone,
No more breaths, no more pulse.
Surrounded by souls, filled with love,
Tears flood through the hospital door.
Holding hands, and sobbing,
For what seems like a lifetime.
They say she's in a better place,
But it's all lies.
Mar 14
poem 0 comments challenge: Letter
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Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend,
First off, I would like to tell you that you mean the world to me.
I truly do not know where I would be without you.
My life would be turned upside down and inside outt.
Even though I have only known you for less than three years, you
have been a better friend than one I've had for eight years.
You were around for the worst day of my life, and the best day.
I love you more than all the boys I fall in love with while we are out shopping. 
Mar 02
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Which do you choose?

Leading to somewhere, and nowhere,
Everywhere, and anywhere.
I look up and all I see are,
Blue skies, and green trees,
And stairs.
Stairs, that have no meaning,
Worthless pieces of wood.
They decieve.
Climb those stairs,
You'll be disappointed in them.
Walk away,
And you'll be disappointed in yourself,
In a lose-lose situation, which do you choose?
Feb 23
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I'm in love with your desolation

Death by the hands of a heartbreaker,
They ruled suicide, I ruled homicide.
Killed with the love of cupid,
My wings lift me from the dirt.
You can't hurt me up here,
Surrounded by clouds of wisdom.
Your tears give me strength,
Your prayers give me life.
I thrive on the thought of you hurting, 
I'm in love with your desolation.