Feb 23
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Feb 09
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That Never Will Be

We were in love, or so I thought,
I guess it was just me in love,
Three years apparently means nothing,
I would have never thrown us away,
Not like you did.
I saw her with you last night,
In the backseat of your car,
Fogged up windows, 
Just out of town,
When you came home,
I was already gone,
I packed up my things,
as you kissed her goodnight,
I left your driveway,
As you left hers,
You never loved me,
Or, maybe you did, 
In some twisted way,
But I guess that's life,
And time will heal me,
So as it does,
Don't forget me,
As I am your love,
That never will be
Feb 01
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They are me

As I watched the light, 
I could see a reflection,
The reflection is a girl, 
With ugly, brown hair,
And revolting brown eyes,
She has chubby thighs,
And acne covered skin,
Her feet are gigantic, 
And so is her nose,
Her upper-lip needs waxing,
And so do her eyebrows,
Her nails are chipped,
And she has stretch marks,
And last but not least,
I notice her scars,
Running from her forearm,
Down to her wrist,
This light, is no longer a light,
It's a mirror,
This imperfect girl, 
Those infuriating flaws,
They are me.

Jan 22
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"It changed everything..." My dad said to me,
As he tucked me into bed.
I repeat that line in my head,
Until my brain is sore.
I know that it changed everything,
I think to myself, as the tears fall.
I couldn't control it, or change it, 
Although I wished so badly to.
I think back to when it was all okay,
I don't remember much.
He took my memory with him,
How could he do such a thing?
This rollercoaster I'm on,
Is plummeting to the ground.
It's either you or me,
And the saddest part, 
I always knew who you'd choose.
You changed everything,
My only question is.
Jan 05
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What does this mean?

I was walking, not knowing where to go
I saw a bridge, that looked like home
I walk across it, with too much care
I yell to the world, "This isn't fair!"
This brigde is sinking, I just know it
I have to move faster, I can't afford to blow it
Next thing I know, the brigde is getting away
I have to jump off, I can't just stay
There are three balloons pulling me up
I can't help but think that that isn't enough
I feel like I'm weightless, headed towards the sky,
This feeling I'm feeling, is more than a high
Then I wake up to find it was a dream
I am now very curious, What does this mean?