Apr 28

Skiing is Freeing

I step out onto
the snow and smile
at the way the flakes
drift down gently,
at the way the
snow sparkles and glistens,
at the contrast between
the green hemlocks and
the clean snow.

I start the giggle
then laugh, excitement
bubbling out as shrieks
of joy as I start
to fly across the snow,
my skis going faster
and faster, as I
become louder,
my heart soaring
through the cold, clean air
up above the trees
and into the clouds.

After hours taking
in the joy of
gliding over the snow,
the cold and hunger
become too much.
I go in becoming
quiet and reserved
occasionally talking
quietly or giggling
waiting until I can
be free once more.
Apr 28


W     A      F
 o       n      l
  r               o
   d       E     w
    s       n       i
              d       n
     F         l       g
      a         e
       l          s      O
        l          s      u
         i                  t
          n        W      
           g         a      O
                       t        f
            D          e
             o          r        T
              w         f         h
               n         a         e
                T          l          P
                 h                     e
                  e                     n

Feb 14


Feb 14

The Silent Watcher

Telling the story
animatedly with her hands,
she doesn't really notice me
as I listen from among
our circle of friends.
Not adding in,
just observing.
Me, the silent watcher.

In the class discussion
no one notices me
as I take note of
all that is said.
Me, the silent watcher.

They laugh in
disbelief and amusement
as the dares get
more and more wild
their eyes slipping
past me, picking
someone else.
Me, the silent watcher.

I observe and
gather information,
figuring out what
makes each person tick,
figuring out how to
make each of them happy
even if I never
use the information.
I am the silent watcher.
Feb 11
poem 0 comments challenge: General

Make Everyone Happy

I try so hard
to make everyone happy.
To some it makes me their
best friend, even if I don't
want to be.
To others it makes me weird
and foreign. 

Most of the time
I fail. I come off
as awkward and shy.
Always trying to figure
everyone out, trying to
make everyone happy
leaves me very little
time to actually
mak everyone happy.

While I figure this out
I become withdraw
and shy. I don't talk unless
I know it will make people
happy. I try so hard
and nearly always fail,
it's when I succeed
that keeps me going.
Making everyone happy
makes me happy too. 
Nov 11

Dangers in the Dark

Night falls and
the fear comes.
Images of monsters
under the bed,
people watching
from the window,
and ghosts coming
to get me dance
through my head.

I know they're not
real, only in my head
but maybe that's
the worst kind.
You can't fight them off
Only try to ignore
the constant whispers
and racing heart.

I should be too old for this,
I should have outgrown it 
by now. It's a childish fear.
I am embarrassed by it.
No one knows, it's my secret,
now yours too.

The fear of someone
creeping on me in
the night, monsters in
the shadows, of the unknown
and what would be there
if I did know. These are
my dangers in the dark.
Nov 11


This is what words
are to me;
a slippery feeling
a sense, but not
a clear picture,

This is what words
are to me;
knowing what means
but not what it is
or knowing what it is
but just a feeling
of what it means.

This is what words
are to me;
not being able
to explain clearly
or write clearly
but hoping that someday
I might be able to.

This is what words
are to me;
a slippery metallic ball
with the answer inside,
but me unable to open it.

This is what words
are to me;
Words are confusing,
yet essential, sad and
beautiful, tangled and
masterfully woven.
And I cannot unweave
them to find the truth within.
Sep 18


Sep 18

Completely Ordinary

Quiet, shy,
good at listening,
not at speaking.

Completely average 
bass clarinet player,
runner, and skier.

Smart, but not genius.
but not courageous.

Friendly and kind,
but not outgoing enough
for anyone to notice.

An okay writer,
artist, dancer,
but nothing special.

Not pretty,
not ugly either.
Not really fat or skinny.

I am
Sep 18

Becoming Friends

Her quirkiness is funny,
it makes her beautiful, unique,
even is she doesn't think so.

She kicks herself every time
someone doesn't laugh,
but I think her ability
to say such things
is amazing.

She is so unsure,
doubting everything
she does,
I think her ability to
do anything is courageous.

This quirky, funny,
unsure, beautiful, amazing, girl 
has become my friend.