Nov 06

How to Turn anything into Health Food

Ice Cream- Ice cream has milk in it, milk is dairy, dairy is health food, therefore, ice cream is health food.

Apple Crisp- Apple's are fruit, fruit is health food. The grain in the oatmeal that makes up the crust is also health food. If you add ice cream you have dairy and then you have four out of the five food groups. Therefore, apple crisp is health food.

Peanut Butter Cookies- Peanut butter cookies have peanut butter in them, and peanut butter is made of peanuts, which are legumes. Legumes are health food, therefore peanut butter cookies are health food.

Cheesecake (which is a cake and not a pie)- Cheesecake has eggs, which have protein, which is a necessary nutrient to survive, therefore, cheesecake is health food.

Potato Chips- Potatoes are vegetables, and vegetables are health food, therefore potato chips are health food.
Nov 03

Just a Shirt

Sophomore year
​a boy walked into
first period with a
shirt that said
​"Tell your boobs
to stop staring
​at my eyes"

The male teacher didn't
say a word about it.

His friends laughed
​and said "Nice shirt!"

It made my friends
​extraordinarily uncomfortable.

​It made me want
to hide in a corner
​with my arms
crossed over my chest.

I'm sure if he read this,
he'd scoff and say
I was overreacting.

Nov 03
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am

I am

I am who I am.

not a Lion,
but an ox.

not a Vanity,
but a rocking chair.

not a Cello,
but a trombone.

not a Redwood,
but a birch.

not a King,
but a farmer.

not an Alexander,
but a harlan.

I am who I am.
Oct 25

Two Men

We were in three rows
taking our cross-country picture,
the two coaches stood on
the outside of us girls,
the leaves and trees framing us all.
I saw the man out of the corner of my eye
and did a double take.
He was wearing a sweatshirt
the color of a doe,
except the entire front 
was cut out.
All of us took note of him.
The camera man tried to keep
our attention,
but we all nervously giggled
and kept glancing at the man.
At one point he insisted
on taking a picture with us.
He would be forced away
and then circle back and try talking to us,
the girl next to me leaned in and whispered,
"I don't like him."
She's from out of the country and
I wondered if things like this
didn't happen there.
I quickly glanced back at the man
as I agreed with her.

After the picture taking ended
a group of us started walking
back to the school.
Oct 25


I can't seem to find
the name for this feeling,
it's somewhere between
melancholy and nostalgia.

I know that you and I
are not similar enough
to stay the way we were,
and I don't really want to be
constantly by your side anymore.

But I miss the way we were
and I wish we could
go back to then
when we were inseparable.

We'd go on adventures
through the woods,
pretend there were people
chasing us and we'd have
to run and hide and laugh,
and we'd eventually defeat them.
We were witches and fairies
and spies and a family.
Two sisters sometimes,
two mothers others.

I know we can't get that back,
we've both changed
we've stopped playing pretend
we've grown and matured.
You seem to have left
your imagination in the past,
I can't seem to get over
my insecurities that always
multiply around you.
Oct 21

The Fern Dances

The fern dances
for me,
the way a
puppy's tail
​dances in excitement
​to see it's
favorite person.

​The fern dances
for me,
as I run
up the hill,
​legs burning
and feeling
​as though they
are about
to fall off.

The fern dances
for me,
​and somehow
through the pain,
I smile.
Oct 17

Powder Observations

I described what the
different powders looked
like under the microscope
using different types of snow.

The corn starch looked
like fake snow
that is sprayed on 
fake Christmas trees.

The baking soda looked
like powdery, well below
zero snow that
had just been licked.

The unknown one looked
like February snow,
colder and fluffier than
March snow, but not
as frozen as January snow.

The unknown two looked
like wet, spring snow,
clumpy and easily packable.
Oct 17

Roll on Glitter

We would play dress up
and put on fashion shows with you.
You loved to be the announcer.

We'd put you in a pink
leotard and tutu
and little pink plastic heels.

We'd twirl around with you
pretending to be ballerinas
in our sparkling dresses.

We'd spread roll on glitter
across our faces and
down our arms and all over you.

We thought it was kind of funny
because you're a boy, but
we absolutely loved playing with you.
Oct 16


It’s dark
an old kind of dark,
like the light
that’s in here is
the same light that
has been in here
since the place was built.

It’s quiet
the kind where
you stay silent so you can
try and listen to the past,
the whispers of the people
the antiques belonged to.

It smells like an
old books, furniture
that can no longer be used,
toys that belonged too
children dead years ago,
and the fresh flowers
they make into bouquets.
Oct 16


I gained another cousin 
I tried calling Lucy,
my uncle's girlfriend,
the first number was 
under the name home,
no one picked up.
I tried the number under
the name home.
A young man picked up,
I figured that it was
just someone who worked
at Stowe with her.
I asked if Lucy was there,
he said she wasn't but
was there a name and number
I wanted to leave for her.
I said no just tell her I said hi.
He asked who this was,
Mom told me to tell him
I was her niece
so I did.
He had me repeat
my name three times,
he sounded confused.
When I got off the phone
Mom laughed and said
she thought that the work number
was actually Lucy's home number
and the person who picked up was
her son and he must be so
so confused because he doesn't have
a cousin named Elizabeth Magnan.