Jan 16

Mountains at Sunset/rise

Dec 02


These are the notes
Words of power and change
Sound waves of emotion
Of anger
Of love
Bringing people together
Across borders
Between languages
Through time
An eternal memory
Of what could be
And what was

Jun 19


    The tree branch is slippery in my hands, but I manage to keep my grip.  Adrenaline courses through my veins, bringing almost superhuman strength.  And I need it.  I can't fail now, not with this girl's life at stake.  
    In the freezing water, she is quickly losing strength to hypothermia.  Her hand reaches out from the turmoil, and I grab it with an iron grip that surprises even myself.  I pull her towards me and strap the flotation belt around her waist.  

Jun 13


I wish that I could fly
As the planes rush silluoetted
Across the evening sky

Mind-bending manuvers
Exhilirating dives
Pilots having 
The time of their lives

And I wish that I could be up there with them
Be free, reach out
And fly
May 30

Cumberland Island Pt. 2

May 29

Cumberland Island, Georgia, Pt. 1

May 24
poem 2 comments challenge: I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder what is out there
What distant planets and stars
What alien life could be orbiting
On a planet similar to ours

I wonder how others think
How they learned what they know
How they see the world
How they change and how they grow

I wonder at the odds
At if I had been born elsewhere
At how my life would be
At what landscape I would stare

I wonder about the books
About how they're written stage by stage
About what worlds could lie
Within each and every page

But I wonder not why I wonder
For I may think and I may dream
For the world is constantly changing 
And things often not as they seem
May 17

The Pendant continued

    ...that the old man is standing in front of me.  His face an unreadable mask, he turns around and beckons me to follow.  Hesitantly, I am led towards a rickety old door in the back of the shop and down a flight of stairs.  Once we are inside, the old man turns and shuts the door.  At this point I have no clue why I'm here.  But for some reason it feels right, like I'm getting closer to home with each step.
    We come to a stop behind a pile of boxes.  Finally, the old man speaks, in a hushed voice that sounds as ancient as the items he sells.  "Here we are safe," he says "but you must remain quiet until we are there."  I want to ask where, to ask what is going on, but he continues speaking.  "Hold the pendant up in the air and focus.  Just focus.  Stay calm and focus."
May 12

Music Carries Me

I sit at my desk
Pencil in hand 
Blank sheet of paper
Music flows into my ears
Music leads me to faraway lands
Music carries my hand across the page
And music creates this drawing
A melding of pencil and paper

May 11


Greetings and cordial salutations to all. I am here today to discumble the frivolous case of ther scunglerump and its superior box of moldy potatoes.  As you know, this wallomping mass of fur and scarbdable has been teerorizing our humble village for eons of millenia.  It is our duty (hehheh, doody) to removorate it once and for all of allness.  So let us arrumble to the strambulent occassion and comandeer this klutzy kumquat thief.  We'll leave at eleventy-three o-clock, so be thithrigle by then.  Come hither yither, and let us unite!  You are now dismissed.