Nov 21
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Crunch Crunch Crunch.

The glass under his feet breaking more
    and more with each step.

Scattered memories and broken dreams,
stepped upon by a single clueless fellow.

Crunch Crunch

But he never meant any harm, no,
    not once did he mean anything like that to happen.

Crunch Crunch Crunch

The glass’s obnoxious crunch hurts his ears
    As much as his guilt hurts his heart

crunch crunch… Tap

He couldn’t hear anything,
Couldn’t feel the glass beneath his feet.

He was happy, but strangely missed the glass.

Sep 29
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The Dove

A white Dove perches on its
Olive branch.
           Condescendingly looking down at us.

Watching as we struggle and fail
at obtaining true peace.

The Dove notices one thing: no one stopped to ask what true peace is.

Is it loving thy neighbor? Or something        grander?
Is peace a truce? Or an unspoken agreement to not fight?
Not even the Dove has made peace with all its enemies.
Not even the Dove has righted all its wrongs,
It still feels remorse.

But the Dove knows, it knows the past cannot be changed,
it understands that trying to make up with someone it has wronged is
And yet it judges us for trying!
Whether we give help to those who hurt us,
or connect with other nations through diplomacy.

The Dove sits on its branch wondering
why we try so hard.

But then the Dove figures it out: we try so hard

Mar 24
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I always see him like that; his hood on, in a closed sitting position. I never talked to him, no one did, not recently anyway. He was always so chipper, so happy, that grey hoodie would only have the hood up when rain came down. But now he only wears it up. His personality took a 180, he got in fights a lot. I don’t blame him, I know what he’s going through. Loss is hard to deal with especially when it’s someone close to you. The poor guy’s girlfriend killed herself. But what do I say to him; “there are plenty of fish in the sea”? No, that would come off as insensitive. It’s hard to talk to someone grieving, I don’t want to push him into despair while I have a sunny disposition on life. I can’t relate to him, maybe it’s better to wait for someone else to talk to him. He walks to the forest alone, I’ve seen him sitting there occasionally. He’d maybe mumble her name as I walk by but that’s really the only interaction we have.
Feb 10
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Darkness Retreated

A lamp flickered on in the house.
The sudden light made the night begone
just as the light came, and the darkness retreated,
My companion felt she needed to grab my arm;
the jolt made my eyes widen.

A lamp flickered off in the house
there was no sound other than my friend’s breathing.
Her heart beating,

The house, old,
suddenly creaked.

The lamp stayed dark.
my companion still clinging tightly to my arm.
I told her everything was alright,

her grip never loosened.