Aug 09

One Thousand Days and Counting


(1st verse)
White noise, check your conscience here
 She said in space there's no room for fear
She kept a picture by the door
 To remind her of the way things were before

(2nd verse)
"Houston, I'm never coming down
I'd rather watch the world keep turning 'round
Up here it's just my rocketship and me
And you can't cry in zero gravity
 She knows there's nothing for her there
As she sits up there breathing prepackaged air
She hates the feel of solid ground
Up here she's a queen without a crown

Who the hell do you think you are?
Caught between Planet Earth and the local star
You better love it up there, sitting all alone
You're one thousand days and counting and you're still not coming home

Just a sailor without a sea
A starspun curiosity
I've lost control
(3rd verse)
Jul 29

Green Light

Hope you enjoy!
(Also keep in mind that this one is a little difficult for me to play on guitar and I didn't practice it much before recording)


(1st verse)
I left the green light on last night
Then stayed awake and wrote your name
I left it well within your sight
So you might come like moth to flame
Come to burn
If I should speak
What would you learn?

Thoughts they rise and fall and fade away
Someday I'll be gone and you might wonder why you stayed

(2nd verse)
All that lies between our minds
Are years of which you're unaware
In the dark you cannot find them
So I sigh and keep you there
You cannot know
For if you knew
You might let go

Thoughts they rise and fall and fade away
Someday I'll be gone and you might wonder why you stayed

(3rd verse)
My time is waiting in the wings
Jul 20

Pale and Shapely Bone

(1st verse) 
Let me feel you lift me to our closest star
  Let me steal you like the precious thing you are
  Stony gazes make my colorless skin crawl
  Passing through phases, our only hope is to evolve

(2nd verse)
  We put our hopes and dreams on a rocket ship to Mars
  It’s closer than it seems, the future’s not so far
 You’re watching Venus rise, I’ve never felt so low
  No though escapes the mind, no light escapes the soul

 All I want is to burn through your black hole eyes
Pray don’t close your eyes, look to the sky and I’ll show you your first blue sunrise

(3rd verse)
 Come off the ceiling, you know you’re making me feel low
  Home’s just a feeling, and it’s one I cannot know
  Ten thousand liar’s words have left me on my own
  Build me a pyre of pale and shapely bone

 All I want is to burn through your black hole eyes
Audio download:
Pale and Shapely Bone.mp3
May 10


Make myself a new messiah,
"Trust me," I say- they know I'm a liar;
some good old-fashioned bloodletting,
you take it back- I'm not forgetting
that time they told me I was dirty-
Little birdie,
far too wordy,
                      quite upsetting.
It wasn't long before it worsened,
hateful, pithy little person-
can't explain why my shows are all booked;
you say they're mad- I say they're hooked
and maybe just a little crazy-
Slightly lazy,
eyes are hazy
                      since I first looked.
Burn this copy; new revision-
tripping on my tunnel vision;
dark and gritty, avant-garde,
cannot swallow- much too hard
if you've ever stopped to listen-
Twisted vixen,
pavement glistens
                              with glass shards.
The shades are drawn; the light is darkened
Audio download:
Mar 23


Is HOME a concept?
If it is, it's one I don't understand

Because my blood does not feel like it belongs in my body
And when I hold still I can feel all the tiny pieces of pale, shapely bone holding my body together
How beautiful is bone
How delicate are the bones in my hands
Hands that are always cold
Cold blood
Cold mornings that keep me in my bed
My head beneath the covers
My head that aches at the beginning of ever day
And the end of every evening pressure building behind my eyes
My eyes
The only part of me that feels right

Is HOME a feeling?
If it is, I can't feel it

Even though this place is full of things that remind me of home
With it's crystals, pure and clear and natural
Children of the Earth
The Earth
held together by stone, strong, solid stone
Buried deep in the ground
The ground
Where roots twist and bend 
Connected to trees
Jan 10

Turquoise: A Whimsical Definition

What is she? 
She is a sailor.
She is an oddity,
   a spectacle,
      an outcast.
But she doesn't care. 
She's smiling anyway.
She's dressed in
           ideas collected in a gallery
Topped with a
And her
Eloquent without words,
   graceful without movement,
      dreaming, though
She loves but
Her first love is the sea.
She lives for the hazy mornings,
   the wind-tossed fancies,
     the waves rolling,
         the same blue-green as her name.
Her second love is Fleeting.
Fleeting, here for such a short time.
Fleeting, like
Dec 11


     It was only a bowl of pears. 
     Nothing more than five pears in an ugly ceramic bowl sitting on a table in a cheap hotel room in Burlington, Vermont.
     And yet this incredibly unextraordinary bowl of pears had been holding Xavi's utmost attention for a little over ten minutes now. 
     Xavi had been born in Zanzibar, and although his memories of the place were faint, he could distinctly remember a bowl sitting on the table, perpetually full of pears. Pears, of all the fruits in the world. What had his mother been thinking? He supposed she had expected them to eat them, and he did, because when you're a young kid just the novelty of grabbing something out of the fruit bowl whenever you want is enough. And so, his mother always bought more pears. 
Oct 28

A short, not-nearly-as-complete-as-I'd-like-it-to-be tribute to Mick Ronson

Today I randomly feel like shedding some light on an underrated musician: Mick Ronson
David Bowie fans will know Ronson as the petite, delicate-featured, glammed-out blond guitarist standing next to Bowie onstage, singing backup and shredding guitar. Despite playing several instruments and working with several notable musicians such as Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, he's not quite as well-known as he should be. 
Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, was also a songwriter, producer, and arranger. Mostly working as a studio session man and playing behind frontmen, his brilliance was revealed to the world as the lead guitarist of David Bowie's band, the Spiders from Mars. 
Oct 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait

A Young Woman

There is a young woman who lives nestled in the mountains
Her eyes sparkle behind wide, rimless glasses that make her eyes even more beautiful
The rain falls on her smooth, toffee-colored skin and she welcomes it
Like she welcomes everyone
She has very short, very dark hair that is never perfect
And seems to have an endless supply of clever t-shirts
She always smells like lavender and lemons
She is childlike and yet wise
She is open and loving and understanding and balanced
And will always be there to guide you through a rough spot
Everyone who meets her can't help but adore her
Everyone should know someone like her