Aug 07

Percy's Theme (Instrumental song.)

Jul 25

"Jacket Twins" (Excerpt from Tone Vestige, my novel)

   (A/N: Heyy this is just another excerpt from the novel I'm working on! Just a note on the characters, to make it make more sense: Percy is an adult but has a very childlike mind that just doesn't function like what the definition of a "normal" mind would; Kiato really REALLY loves Percy and wants to be his BEST FRIEND, and James hates and distrusts Kiato around Percy for reasons I'm not getting into. Feedback much appreciated!) 

   James viewed the spectacle from a distance, far enough away to not be considered an accomplice in the rather ridiculous situation, but close enough so that he could shout to the two men his opinions, if need be.

   Percy narrowed his eyes at Kiato. "You're wearing a periwinkle coat."

   The man lifted his chin up, a small, amused smile sliding onto his face. "And?"

   "I'm wearing a periwinkle coat!" Percy scowled. 

   "So? We can be jacket twins!" Kiato grinned, and Percy's scowl deepened. 
May 06

Trashcan Man

It was a matter of fact
Something Trashy didn't have 
All he had was a matter of time 
That was running out
Always something of flame
We knew Trashy was to blame 
I guess we never really understood
What he was about 

But his name
Became a game
I remember how we would shout

Come to get rid of the mess of the human race?
Soon you're gonna burn away the town
Are you gonna burn the whole damn world down?"
Young Trashy, Trashy was our clown

"Hey, Trashman
Don't you think it's best you burned off your face?
'Cause we're sick and tired of looking at you cry"
And to this day, I wonder why we felt so big 
When we saw our words leaking out of Trashy's eyes 

It was a matter of love
Something Trashy didn't know
Have I told you all the words we would call him? 
He was a matter of flame
Always hating at the rain 
Audio download:
Trashcan Man.m4a
Mar 28

Bonewhite Sailor

   (A/N: This is another part of my novel that I enjoyed writing... feedback -good and bad- are much appreciated!)

   Kiato stepped into the dimly lit room, his pulse racing. The heavy door slammed shut behind him, and he jumped at the loud noise that seemed to echo off every corner of his mind on agonizing vibrations. When his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, he saw the bars that were supposedly keeping him safe from whoever was rotting behind them. "H...hello?" 

   "Come for my head?" A broken voice sounded from somewhere within the darkness of the cell, followed by a fit of manic, raw-sounding giggles. "They say they're gonna kill me, darlin,' any day now, they've been sayin' it for days and days and days and..." 
Mar 27

What is a right?

Daylight swims in puddled rain
Milking Sunday afternoons with pain
Shattering the weakest segment of chain.  
Daylight questions dreamers' answers
Dogs of hellfire, moonlit dancers
Feet pounding the Earthlight into cancer.

We've dug our hands into the dirt
Of society, planted our children there,
Letting grow into this corporate disease;
Is our future of weeds? 
We've grown ourselves off of so much hurt
So will anyone care
Mar 01


Feb 21

Kiato's Deduction Scene.

This is one of the scenes in my novel I'm writing that I particularly enjoyed creating... feedback much appreciated, I'm entering it into a contest. :)

   Kiato leaned forward on his chair, resting his elbows on his knees casually, the cup of hot tea that was now resting just behind his elbow swaying dangerously close to spilling all over his lap. "Well, I could tell you're a servant. The merchant's, I suppose. What's your name, love?"
Feb 19


And with that
The world exploded in front of you
And you tried to catch the pieces in your mouth
But found humanity was in flames
Burning what it landed on.
You shielded your eyes 
But found that your hands were made of paper
And you slowly took in the animals behind you
As you yourself became human.
"Take me back
Take me back to when I was not of beast
But of animal.
I shall walk on four legs
Not as a bow or cower
But as something not man;
Who is beast,
Not I. 
Take me back."

And the world rained back at you 
As she smiled,
Her smile not quite there
And yet seen to those looking.
"If beast is man,
Then are they destroying themselves?
Are they looking at animals
As if
they were the beast man is becoming? 
And you nod, the ground shaking with the movement,
And the Earth looks at you once,
Then closes her eyes slowly,
Feb 06


How foolish it was of me
To become trapped in the endless spinning of your words
And find myself on an island made of syllables
With nobody around but for you.
But even you were everywhere 
In the sand 
In the trees
In the water I couldn't dare to touch 
There was so much of you
That you weren't really there at all
Accepting the thoughts in which you burned into my brain
Making me want to pretend I could reach out 
And grab you by the neck 
And scream in but an undertone,
"Take me back! 
This island has brightened words best left in the dark
And surrounded me with questions best left with one answer." 
But instead I fell into your words
Which to my dismay, were twisted into love,
Bent to the limit until you could say that love was what I fell into
Like a trap between your closed hands
Or a universe folding into your black hole eyes
As your letter entangled me
Jan 28



   (Enter WITCHES.)

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lighting, or in rain?

When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won.

That will be ere the set of sun.

he set of sun, with colors orange…

(SECOND and THIRD WITCHES turn slowly to glare at FIRST WITCH.)

(To the THIRD WITCH.) How does she expect me to rhyme something with orange?

Door-hinge kind of rhymes with orange…

No it doesn’t!

(Offering.) There’s a mountain in Wales called Blorenge…

What does Blorenge have to do with anything?

Come on ladies, I’m done being dramatic for the day.
(WITCHES stomp offstage. Curtain.)