Feb 15

(Not So) Random Thoughts From the Mind of a (Might be) Random Person.

   1: Someday, the human race will be intelligent enough to say 'no one for president' without creating a power vacuum.
   2: Does anyone really know what happens when you die?
   3: If someone is different, people shouldn't treat them differently.
   4: Being weird is normal, so people who think that they're normal are weird. But that also means that they're normal, because weird is normal. Therefore, everyone is normal. Or weird. Whichever way you want to put it.
   5: How do you find out who you are? Does anyone ever really find out, and give themselves a title?
   6: Would forgetting who you were give you more possibilities to be who you wanted?
Feb 13

Kingdom of Lies

You're sitting in your kingdom of lies.
You have your luxuries
I can't dream of,
But you're alone in the world.
Though you don't think that you're lonely,
You are.
You just can't remember a time when you weren't.   

Nothing built with lies can last.
So when you find that your kingdom is shattering,
Think of the path you took to get there.
And think of who you hurt to stay there.

Though you have all the material wealth
You could ever want,
You are the poorest person in the world.
Just sitting there
In your kingdom of lies.     
Jan 31

Someday I will Show Them

There are people everywhere around me.
They walk by quickly, and I avoid their gaze.
I know that their brisk pace has nothing to do with me 
But I still feel like an open book.
This book doesn't want to be read.
Not yet.
Suddenly, I see faces that I recognize.
Friends, family.
They think they know me,
And that's fine.
But someday, I will show them who I really am.
But for now, they will just have to settle for the answer,
"I am me."
Because that is all I have to say.    
Jan 26

A letter to me, from The Beatles, 1963

   Dear Faith,
You are probably currently wondering how on earth we somehow managed to send a letter to the future. Unfortunately, we can not answer this question, or any other questions you have. (Unless, of course, your question is, 'Beatles, am I expected to reply with a long letter explaining the strange and extremely confusing ways of earth today?' If that is your question, then we are happy to say yes. That is what is expected of you.
   So, anyway, here are our questions:
   1: What does LOL mean? Is it some kind of code?
   2:What is a Mylie Cyress?
   3:Who is Weird Al, and what planet has he come from?
   4:Rap. Please explain this music to us.
   5:What are selfies? Is it a sign that one holds up when needing personal space?
   6: And Finally, what is The Dab? When someone is doing it, they look like they're simultaneously Judo-chopping someone, and vampire sneezing.
Jan 25

Fly Away

When I ran away the other day,
When you were gone, and could not see
I thought of myself as a caged bluebird
That somehow escaped and was now free.
But then, I started to miss you
And I admit that I came back.
But you were still thinking of someone else
And as you were, you were dressed in black.
I can't describe how sad I was
But now, I can finallysee.
You weren't glad when I returned
Because I wasn't the one
Who had to be freed.
So then I realized who really was the bird
And I let you fly away.
It's the least that you deserve  
Jan 25


You hear the wind blow in your dreams and you awake.
Go to the window half asleep, as if for your own sake.
You look outside and see a man caught in the storm
Wile you are inside, dry and warm.
But any thoughts of pity
Are just washed away with gladness.
If you are feeling warm and content,
Why bother with their sadness?
There is a widow at her door
She's used to silence before storms
But this time there was nothing.
There is a child, wet hair in strands
catching raindrops, he just stands
Sipping water from his hands he's been cupping.
You just turn and look away
There's no sympathy in your day.
But when the storm does finally break,
And all the sleeping people wake,
You feel as if it hadn't stopped at all.
This happens when your heart is too small.