Mar 01


Feb 21


Feb 19


And with that
The world exploded in front of you
And you tried to catch the pieces in your mouth
But found humanity was in flames
Burning what it landed on.
You shielded your eyes 
But found that your hands were made of paper
And you slowly took in the animals behind you
As you yourself became human.
"Take me back
Take me back to when I was not of beast
But of animal.
I shall walk on four legs
Not as a bow or cower
But as something not man;
Who is beast,
Not I. 
Take me back."

And the world rained back at you 
As she smiled,
Her smile not quite there
And yet seen to those looking.
"If beast is man,
Then are they destroying themselves?
Are they looking at animals
As if
they were the beast man is becoming? 
And you nod, the ground shaking with the movement,
And the Earth looks at you once,
Then closes her eyes slowly,
Feb 06


How foolish it was of me
To become trapped in the endless spinning of your words
And find myself on an island made of syllables
With nobody around but for you.
But even you were everywhere 
In the sand 
In the trees
In the water I couldn't dare to touch 
There was so much of you
That you weren't really there at all
Accepting the thoughts in which you burned into my brain
Making me want to pretend I could reach out 
And grab you by the neck 
And scream in but an undertone,
"Take me back! 
This island has brightened words best left in the dark
And surrounded me with questions best left with one answer." 
But instead I fell into your words
Which to my dismay, were twisted into love,
Bent to the limit until you could say that love was what I fell into
Like a trap between your closed hands
Or a universe folding into your black hole eyes
As your letter entangled me
Jan 28



   (Enter WITCHES.)

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lighting, or in rain?

When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won.

That will be ere the set of sun.

he set of sun, with colors orange…

(SECOND and THIRD WITCHES turn slowly to glare at FIRST WITCH.)

(To the THIRD WITCH.) How does she expect me to rhyme something with orange?

Door-hinge kind of rhymes with orange…

No it doesn’t!

(Offering.) There’s a mountain in Wales called Blorenge…

What does Blorenge have to do with anything?

Come on ladies, I’m done being dramatic for the day.
(WITCHES stomp offstage. Curtain.)
Jan 21


I was just wondering... 
What comes to your mind
When someone mentions my name?
When your name is sounded out
By someone else
(Obviously they don't know
How much it means to me) 
I think of backstage conversations
Onstage pretending 
Shared words with little meaning 
Except to enjoy
Like a bit of honey
On a spoon.  
I think of 
Lives in a nutshell 
Cold water and wet towels 
Dripping hair and chattering teeth 
(Of course the sun is warm
But it's never warm enough)
And the idea of cold
That is enjoyed 
Yet never quite what was expected.
When you hear my name
Do you think of the same things I do? 
Or do you just hear it 
And let it go?    

Jan 10

Glass Child (Eventually going to be a song.)

She's the beginning's end
Pouring out and in again
Glass child has painted friends
But she can make them real with her hands
Icy eyes and cotton words
Seconds counting blotting thirst
Swallow yet another quote
Running eyes and burning throat 

Searchlight ghosts 
Feed my hopes
Breathe the common dream
This isn't how I'd hoped it to be
Walking half the world 
Just to make yourself a scene
But she won't stay
Let's hope it doesn't rain on her today 

She's the remaining smile 
I asked her if she'd stay a while 
She's a raging aging child 
Drink adulthood low on trial 
She always was the better man 
Though she's always made her day with stamps 
But now she's here with empty friends
Nowthat she has known the end  

Searchlight ghosts 
Feed my hopes
Breathe the common dream
Jan 08


The words are laughing at me.
I can hear them, tumbling out of the walls
And dripping onto the paper
Yet never in the right way,
Almost as if they are here
Only to insult me
To drive me mad
Until I have nothing left but 
The words which killed me.
The "once upon a time"
That sits on my tongue
And yet never finds its way into my pen
Is breathing down my neck
And into the lungs of my first word.
The colors are taking hold of the lines
And the curves
Of this torture device we call language,
And I spill the blood of my paragraph
Onto the floor
Falling through the crack in the wall
And taking its time 
In dying.  
Dec 18

And I Breathe (SONG)

And as we grasp the burning fire
Our lungs are exhaled into sparks as we drift higher
The poison burning from our lips
Struggling for a bitter grip
And I breathe
And I breathe
You are the mother of my wounds
You are the lover of my accusations
You take the ripples from my life
And put the ripples in this poison patience
And I breathe 
And I breathe
Push through the caverns with a lighter
That evermore will bring me dark
If I keep looking
We will fall into the binding 
The forest crumbles from my spark
And I breathe 
And I breathe
You are the mother of my wounds
You are the lover of my accusations
You take the ripples from my life
And put the ripples in this poison patience
And we breathe
And we breathe
And we breathe

Dec 02

Your Words

Your words make the sun shine brighter
And make the stars fall to earth in petals. 
Your words mean nothing to you
But everything to others. 
Please stay a little longer
So you can speak your mind
For as many hours as need be
And I will always be here
Listening to the honey of your words.