Jun 15


   I come from the stars.
   No, really, I do.
   I remember what it was like up there, shining so brightly along with all the other stars.
   We were family.
   Then, one day, my star fell. At least that is what I think happened. That is what it felt like…
   I woke up one day, just a small child lying beneath a tree. I was found by a policeman, and was soon adopted by an elderly couple. At first, I thought that everyone had once been stars, just like me. I soon realized that this was not the case. As far as I knew, I was the only Starman on earth.
Jun 14

And Then She Stole Life

Taker of sunlight
And giver of stars
Looks at the one night
In hands marked with scars
Seeing the mist 
In the cold from her breath
​Singing the songs   
In the ice winter's death. 

Raising our voices
And dropping our hearts
Turning to look
As the wind rips apart
Swirling like thoughts
Of the snow in her mind
Deadly like lips
But of a different kind.

Drinking the sunlight
And pocketing stars
This is the one night
That ends all the scars
Seeing the mist 
In the cold from her breath
​Singing the songs   
In the time before her death.
Jun 02

Poison Ink

I hath traced my fingers
Over the ink
Thou hast spun into words.
Singing poison to one's sorrow
Thou poured into the black depths,
Forming them into naught but letters
In which I felt the cut of
Shatter my bones
As thou drained thy sadness
With every damned word.
May 01

Feet out of the Clouds (SONG)

Apr 12

I Fear All

I fear not the dead in the air
But the dead in your eyes
Searching for the dead in me.
I fear not the sickness in the mind
But the sickness in the words
Breaking every bone of happiness in my body.
I fear not the coffin I am placed in
But the faces staring down
Looking at the death on my face.
I fear not the frown I'm wearing
But the smile I ripped from your face
Sitting next to my elbow.
I fear not the things I am afraid of
But the things I have feared to numbness.
I fear nothing.
Therefore I fear all.

Apr 12
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Last Chance

This is your last chance
To sing of things that will not be
And to appose yourself
With things that once were.
We do not mean to break you
But to hand you something real
By blocking out your sunshine lies.
This is your last chance
You live not in a dream of what you are. 
Apr 10

'Twas in the Fallen Leaves you Lay...

'Twas in the fallen leaves you lay
Spinning in replicated dreams you sought
Henceforth the piper's tune did play
Of battles won and demons fought.

The voices of merrymaking sang
And the fiddles struck a tune to speak
But not one could talk of the painful twang
Of the things that were and things to seek.

A lady dressed in robes of white
Stood with her back to the sun and the moon
And told the weary to rest that night
For the pains would not yet end so soon.

So in the darkened paths you cried
And called for your love to comfort you
But now the mist has gone and lied
With endless twists of black and blue.

'Twas in the fallen leaves you lay
Spinning in replicated dreams you sought
Henceforth the piper's tune did play
Of battles won and demons brought.
Apr 09

And Then She Saw

And then she saw
Yet didn't see
She didn't touch
But now she's free
She didn't do
But things were done
She didn't win
Because she won
She closed her eyes
And saw bright light
And what was done
Put up a fight
When you take nothing
In the palm of your hand
When you fall asleep
Between the shore and the sand
She says 'bravo'
Without the play
She cannot go
But must not stay 
When never begins
When light is dark
When good is ill
When water sparks
When we all fly
But never flew
When there's such thing
As me and you  
Apr 06


The wind is my mind
The feelings are my wings
The poems are the soft feathers
That become visible to you from below.
But a poet cannot fly
Without the tree they take off from
Or the others incouraging chirps:
Soon we will all fly together        
Apr 04

Help Me Blue (SONG)

This is just a song that my brother and I wrote while my sister was at her singing lesson... it's kind of weird in an interesting and dark way, since we had just listened to Pink Floyd beforehand... It does have a curse word in it, but it's not that bad and it's very quiet and behind a lot of sound affects. I just wanted to share the song. 
Audio download: