Apr 04

In One Place

Mar 30

A Wish Upon a Star

I made a wish upon a star
And it crushed me
Like the hope that went to far
Daylight brushed me
But light faded away
It's been nothing but darkness
For days
So we stand
And run into the flames.

I brought a goblet to my lips
But it burned me
I leaned into your kiss
But you turned to weep
I have nothing to say
As a battle my whole life
And the eye
Is laughing as we get slain.

I tried to raise my bow
But now I'm too week
I want to say last words
But I can't speak
I am wanting to say
That I do not regret
One day
With you
But you're too far away.

To breathe is such a strain
So I give in
Now I realize there's no pain
I'm not living
Please remember the pain
That we all had to face
For this gain
But your minds
Forget all but the brave.

I made a wish upon a star
And it killed me
Mar 28

Couldn't Anybody Love Her?

Hasn't anybody told her
That she can't get off the train
Unless she listens to the rain
And it's not her fault at all
'Cause we were all just born to fall

Hasn't anybody seen her
You know she really needs a rest
Because she only means the best
And it's sweet music when she cries
'Cause only sad songs make you sigh

Couldn't anybody hold her
Let her cry upon your shoulder
Maybe say hello from me
Ask her who she wants to be
Tell her that I love her so
But I had to let her go

Hasn't anybody told her
That she's in a picture frame
That I look at through the rain
The picture hangs above my bed
But I can't see it in my head

Couldn't anybody love her
But don't place yourself above her
Please don't turn yourself away
If you want her to see day
Tell her that I love her so
And I don't want to let her go 
Feb 10

To Vote, or Not to Vote?

   To vote is to take part in a Democratic system, and to help decide which candidate will be the most beneficial for your nation. But what if neither candidate represents your point of view? Is it still patriotic to vote, even if it means voting for someone you don’t believe in?    
   On November 8th, 2016, millions of Americans were asking themselves that very question. Forced to choose between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, only about 60% of eligible voters actually cast their ballots.
   Most people would agree that it is our patriotic duty to vote. Voting honors the brave Americans who fought to give us freedom and a voice in our government.  Despite an election’s outcome, voting strengthens Democracy. Therefore, by going to the polls, you are supporting your country. “Voting is the right upon which all other rights depend.”
Feb 10

Don't Kill Me From Behind

Well, you've won, I see
But you've hurt your feet
On the rocks and stones
I put on your road.
But will you just keep climbing?

Love, you said that you would be
Always here and there for me
I said the same of course,
And that I believed you.
But baby were we lying?

And look at you,
You've stopped halfway up the mountain
Just because you couldn't keep on countin'
Your footsteps
Knowing you've left something behind
But you say you can't go back
Now that we've lost our shine.
So keep on standing on the ledge,
And hide your sadness with pride
'Cause you could go so much higher
But you're still standing high.
And as you look at me from above
Remember: I'm not there 
To give you a shove
To help you fall down.
So love, won't you try
With that glimmer in your eye
To shove yourself.
Come back down
Get your head out of the clouds.
Jan 10

Ode to Tacos

Taco, oh taco!
What would the world be
Without your spicy flavor?
You are without doubt
The most wonderful food
Known to mankind.
Oh, but how unattractive we all look
While eating you, oh taco!
With stray pieces of lettuce
Hanging out of our mouths
As we try to take a bite.
And, alas, we must position our heads horizontally
In order to take a single bite
Of your heavenly being!
But all the neck cramps
(And no second dates)
That you bring to us after we ingest you
Are worth it
For you also bring smiles to our faces.
I can feel my life expectancy shrink a little
With each bite I take...

Taco, oh taco,
Why am I writing a poem about you?
For, though I do love you dearly, oh taco,
I am wasting my time.
For there is one question that I have yet to ask myself:
Jan 10


Nov 24


I am made of glass
Falling to the ground...

I then


I'm in a million pieces,
All sharp and small
Lying helpless
On the ground.
My arms could not catch me
My voice cannot carry for help
As there is nobody
That can fix me.

Sweep me up
With the broom
And try to remember
If there was ever anyone else
Living here.
Separate the pink pieces
And the blue pieces,
Thinking they are from two separate beings.

You are deaf to my cries as you tell them:
"There was a broken girl, and a broken boy."

Nov 24

Pine Tree

Nov 17


Our sanity's dripping
Down the wall
Like blood of those
Whom we watched fall
It trickles down
Like new red paint
Reminding us
Of why we hate.

I guess you could say
Our hearts betray us.
Lose us
Use us
Then we slay ourselves
Like it's not our fault.
If our soul
Is like our gold
Than our minds would be
The vault.

I don't know why
We lock so many things
Inside the vault
Inside our minds.
You can't get in
Because the grin
Is closed
And speaks
Of suicide.

Now here's a smile
Like a combination
The lock must be opened
To begin the invasion.
So try to take my gold
But I warn you
It'll drag you down.
And the smile you must break
Really feels like a frown
So come on down
To the land of the living
But dying
And bring a fake smile
So you won't feel left out.